Nov 11 2009
Nonprofits Enriching Life in Kodiak
Wednesday, 11 November 2009

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            As part of KMXT's fall membership drive, we are sharing our airwaves with other nonprofit organizations in town that help make Kodiak such a vibrant place to live. We have had well over a dozen representatives from the arts and health and social services, among others, on the air. Tuesday morning, Monte Hawver of the Brother Francis Shelter, Angela Boling of the Kodiak Women's Resource and Crisis Center, and Norma Holt of the Daughters of the American Revolution came by to talk about their respective organizations.


            Hawver said before the Brother Francis Shelter opened, homeless people in Kodiak would die every year from exposure, but when it peaked, residents knew they had to take action:


--          (Nonprofit 1                37 sec              "There was a larger than normal ... 20 now that stay there.")


            Hawver says that since the shelter opened, there has not been a homeless person die of exposure in Kodiak. He says another change for the shelter is when they are busy:


--          (Nonprofit 2                43 sec              "We're busy all year long now ... heating oil and electric.")


            Angela Boling is the outreach coordinator for the Kodiak Women's Resource and Crisis Center. She says there are many opportunities for people to volunteer with the organization:


--          (Nonprofit 3                46 sec              "We have crisis volunteers and ... you name it, we have it.")


            Norma Holt's organization, the Daughters of the American Revolution, has over 30 members in Kodiak - impressive since membership is limited to those who can trace an ancestor back to the American Revolution, which happened over 200 years ago on the East Coast.


--          (Nonprofit 4                26 sec              "We are involved in the ... we are a small group.")


            Holt said one of the D-A-R's accomplishments locally was succeeding in getting the United States Government to hold naturalization ceremonies here in Kodiak, instead of forcing people to fly to Anchorage to take the oath.

            KMXT will continue to feature local nonprofit organizations on the air through our fall membership drive, which lasts through Friday, so tune in and learn more about the folks who make life here even better.