Nov 10 2009
Support for New ADFG HQ Tops Borough's Federal Wish List
Tuesday, 10 November 2009

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            The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly unanimously passed its Fiscal Year 2011 federal wish-list at its meeting on Thursday. There are six items on the list. Borough Manager Rick Gifford described the federal Capital Improvement Project process.

            If passed by congress, any money granted will be available in the fiscal year starting next October 1st. The six projects have a total price tag of just about $16-million.



--          (Gifford CIP 1                        10 sec              "These are projects ... to complete these projects.")


            He listed the items in order of priority, which was set at an earlier meeting, and gives the requested amount for each:


--          (Gifford CIP 2                        50 sec              "Those projects are ... million-365-thousand dollars.")