Nov 09 2009
Woody Island's Pullar Calls Obama-Native Summit 'Encouraging'
Monday, 09 November 2009

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            On Thursday in Washington D.C., President Barack Obama hosted a gathering of Native leaders from around the country to meet with him and his cabinet. One of those attending was Gordon Pullar, the president of the Woody Island Tribal Council.

            Pullar said this might have been an historic meeting.


--          (Summit 1                   30 sec              "I think the biggest point ... hope, as we've heard today.")


            He said there are several issues that will need a lot more discussion, and one in particular:


--          (Summit 2                   17 sec              "I think we'll hear a lot more ... impact on Alaska Natives.")


            The management of subsistence was not as big an issue at the summit meeting, but Pullar says he expects to hear more about it from the Obama Administration:


--          (Summit 3                   19 sec              "It's not an easy situation ... where the real problem is.")


            He agreed that on issues like subsistence, the state can sometimes be the Native tribes' worst enemy. The federal government took over subsistence management after the state refused to recognize a rural preference.

            President Obama directed his cabinet secretaries to come up with a plan to implement and improve consultation with tribes within 90 days.