Nov 02 2009
Eight Kodiak Non Profits Benefit from Pick. Click. Give.
Monday, 02 November 2009

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            The State of Alaska has released the results of the inaugural year of allowing Alaskans to donate part or all of their Permanent Fund Dividend to charities. The top recipient statewide was the Food Bank of Alaska, which received $28,805. Alaska Public Telecommunications Incorporated, the parent company of the Alaska Public Radio Network, was given $19,155. The American Red Cross, Planned Parenthood and Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue in Wasilla each took in about $16,000. Bean's Café and Catholic Social Services were the only other nonprofits in the state to receive over $10,000.

            In Kodiak several non-profits benefited from PFD recipients' largess. The Senior Citizens of Kodiak received $225, the Koniag Educational Foundation $250, Kodiak Historical Society $275, the Alutiiq Heritage Foundation got $300, Kodiak Public Broadcasting $375, the Kodiak Women's Resource and Crisis Center $575, Kodiak Maritime Museum $900, and the Humane Society $1,150.

            Some non-profit professionals wonder whether the donations are from new contributors, or existing supporters using a new method to give the same amount of money.

            Alaskans will once again have the opportunity to give through Pick-Click-Give starting in January, when the application period for the 2010 dividend opens.