Nov 02 2009
KEA Seeking to Expand Terror Lake Hydro
Monday, 02 November 2009

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            The same renewable energy program from the state that helped pay for Kodiak Electric's new wind farm could be asked to help fund a third turbine at the Terror Lake hydro plant. KEA's president, Darron Scott, said the co-op is applying for a grant from the Alaska Energy Authority.



--          (Terror Lake 1                       11 sec              "And they go and rate them ... at the end of session.")


            He said the Terror Lake plant would be able to accommodate a third generator without much problem:


--          (Terror Lake 2                       24 sec              "We've been studying this ... it 50 percent bigger.")


            He said there could be ways to divert more streams into Terror Lake to provide enough water for a third turbine if it were built. Another option KEA has, now that three wind turbines are online, is something called "pump storage,"


--          (Terror Lake 3                       41 sec              "That is something that some ... the best way to go.")


            Kodiak Electric received a 4-million-dollar grant from the energy authority two years ago for the wind farm, and a half-million-dollars last year to begin the Terror Lake expansion study.

            Speaking of the wind farm, Scott says the three turbines have so far produced 3-point-3-million kilowatt hours of electricity since going online this summer, saving 200,000 gallons of diesel fuel.