Oct 30 2009
Trick-or-Treating Downtown a Day Early
Friday, 30 October 2009

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            If you're downtown late this afternoon, you're likely to see crossing guards on many of the streets, where they're not usually common. But they're only there to keep the ghouls, ghosts and witches safe. With Halloween on Saturday this year, the downtown merchants are holding trick-or-treat a day early.

            The Kodiak High School Key Club is providing crossing-guard duties at six spots downtown during the trick-or-treating. The official hours are from right after school at 3:30, until 5:30 tonight.

Linda Ross is handling the organization of the event:



--          (Halloween 1              18 sec              "This year Halloween ... will do their own thing.")


            Ross retired from Sutliff's earlier this year, but still works there part time. She said she's fill in for a coworker who has spearheaded the downtown trick-or-treating for a number of years:


--          (Halloween 2              37 sec              "Actually, it's gotten ... and buy candy.")