Oct 29 2009
Doc Myers, Lions Club Globetrotter
Thursday, 29 October 2009

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            These days Jeremiah "Doc" Myers is in town for about ten days at a time. He's an international director for Lion's Club International. There are 32 international directors representing 205 nations around the world. Myers travels to Lion sponsored hospitals and clinics, of which there are over 600. Many of them provide services for free.


The Lions club has taken on another role, helping to disperse aid for disaster relief. Here in Kodiak, the Samoan community chose to use the Lions club to get locally raised funds to Samoa and American Samoa. In addition to delivering the money, the Lions added more funds for disaster relief in the two countries.


--          (Lions Leader 1                                              :30                               "We are taking ... still help out.")


            In addition to assisting the Samoan tsunami victims and other populations affected by disater, the Lion's club is poised to play a role in helping with the swine flu pandemic.


--          (Lions Leader 2                                              :40                               "What they've been ... part of it)


            Myers says he's in amazement about the experiences he's had as an international director, including meeting and working with Colin Powell.


--          (Lions Leader 3                                              :42                               "But he is ... without a home.")


            Myers says he's motivated by watching what someone like Powell can achieve on behalf of others.


--          (Lions Leader 4                                              :23                                           "I've got to ... to chew on.")


            When he's not travelling on behalf of Lions International, Myers is an optometrist in Kodiak. He owns the Vision Clinic.