Oct 27 2009
Near Island Quarry Planning Under Way
Tuesday, 27 October 2009

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            Last year the Kodiak City Council decided to expand the Near Island quarry area to make more land available for the city's new boatyard.

            At the regular meeting on Thursday the next step was taken towards the creation of a quarry development plan. The council voted on a contract proposal from P-N-and-D to prepare the plan. Developing the plan requires surveying the quarry area, estimating remaining rock volumes and designing a final quarry configuration. P-N-and-D submitted a time and materials proposal to complete the work for just over 44 thousand dollars.

During discussion councilman Tom Walters questioned the need for having the work done.


--          (Quarry 1                                               "What else is ... rock to remove.")


            City Manager Amiee Kniaziowski responded:


--          (Quarry 2                                             "They're going to ... of that area.")


            Walters went on to suggest that the scope of work should include future surveying needs as well.


--          (Quarry 3                                             "Its all right and ... need to go.")


            Outgoing Councilmember Charlie Davidson's focus was on transportation access around the expanded quarry site.


--          (Quarry 4                                              "It looks like ... pedestrian traffic.")


After the discussion, the council unanimously gave approval of the professional services contract to P-N-and-D to prepare the Near Island quarry development plan with funds from the Near Island land development account.