Oct 26 2009
City Council Certifies Election Results
Monday, 26 October 2009

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            The results of the October 6th Municipal election were certified at the Kodiak City Council's regular meeting Thursday.

            The city attorney was on hand to explain the re-count procedure to the council in case the results were questioned. There was no formal opposition to the election and the results were adopted by a unanimous vote.

The oath of office was then administered to the mayor and three council members. Carolyn Floyd was elected to her ninth term as mayor and Gabriel Saravia and Josie Rosales were re-elected to their seats on the council. John Whiddon was sworn in and welcomed as the newest member.

            Also on the ballot was Proposition One, the measure that was intended to open the way for the possibility of an employee union. The proposition was voted down. That was to the disappointment of outgoing Councilman Charlie Davidson who had opposed the council's effort to defeat the measure.


--          (Council 1                                           :57                                           "I also want ... thank you.")


            This summer, Davidson, came out of retirement from city politics to fill a vacant seat on the council. The end of his partial term coincided with a lost bid for the mayor's job. His re-appearance and subsequent departure from the council prompted a comparison to quarterback Brett Favre.

            Councilman Tom Walters joked about saying goodbye yet again to Davidson, then offered his perspective on the defeat of prop one.


--          (Council 2                                           :47                                           "For you folks ... for the city.")


            Proposition One was defeated by a vote of 472 to 455.