Oct 06 2009
Kodiak's New Boatlift Now Operational
Tuesday, 06 October 2009

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            The Kodiak boatlift is now in use. The long awaited new addition started lifting boats this weekend.

            One of the first boats to be pulled out of the water by the new lift was a shrimp boat called the Victory.

On Monday a fisherman named Norbert was working on the Victory where it sat close to the new lift.

--          (Boatlift 1                                            "I'm a friend ... ended up second.")


            Norbert offered his impression of the new operation and what it means to boat owners.


--          (Boatlift 2                                            "It's pretty impressive ... our backyard.")


            Boatowner Gary Neilsen was pleased with the boatlift, and what it means for Kodiak.


            (Boatlift 3                                            "Everything went ... money south.")


            Neilsen said there's just one thing that could make Kodiak's new boatlift better...


--          (Boatlift 4                                            "If we can keep ... what doesn't, huh?")


            Kodiak's new boatlift is owned by the city and is located at the far end of Saint Herman harbor on Near Island.