Oct 05 2009
Residents Question Begich on Health Care Reform
Monday, 05 October 2009

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            Alaska junior Senator Mark Begich held a two-way video conference on health care reform issues with the people of Kodiak Monday afternoon, live from Washington, D.C.

            After a brief opening presentation, the Senator took questions from the audience.

            Several others also asked questions of Senator Begich, and we have posted the audio of the entire 50-minute town hall meeting here on KMXT.org.


Marita Kaplan asked why health care is not considered a basic human right:


--          (Begich 1                    1:09                 "First of all we should ... also unacceptable.")


            Joe Floyd, Mary Jacobs and Mimi Rosen all asked variations on the question of a public option for health care insurance:


--          (Begich 3                    2:07                 "I just really feel strongly ... spiral down in the costs.")


            Mike Rostad says some fear the public option:


--          (Begich 3                    1:55                 "I feel everyone here ... the markets they're working in.")