Oct 01 2009
A Local Response to Samoan Tsunami
Thursday, 01 October 2009

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            Federal disaster officials say that tens of thousands of people on American Samoa and Samoa will need their help after that tsunami in the South Pacific. The Federal Emergancy Management Agency is flying into American Samoa with food, water and repair supplies. At least 99 people in the Samoas and Tonga were killed after a quake Tuesday sent giant waves crashing down on the islands.

             Here in Kodiak, some residents from American Samoa are still trying to locate their family members back home.

Mandy Hagedorn is relieved to know that her family is all right and wants to help others find their relatives. She talked to KMXT's Diana Gish about her experience of trying to locate her family following news of the earthquake and tsunami.

The radio station from American Samoa can be found online at FM104 dot org. Again, Hagedorn says that if you need to get a message to family members on American Samoa you can send it through that station.