Sep 28 2009
FV Unimak Still Intact; Magone Removing Fuel
Monday, 28 September 2009



The FV Unimak aground near Chignik. US Coast Guard photo.


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            The 83-foot fishing vessel Unimak that went aground on the Alaska Peninsula near Chignik on Thursday evening is still intact, and Magone Marine is attempting to clean it up.

            Dan Magone and his crew have already removed the diesel out of the day tank, put absorbents into the engine room to prevent leaks, and removed batteries, paint and other pollutants from the ship. He said that they are staged and ready to pump out the other 800 gallons of fuel and other pollutants, but are currently on weather hold, as the area is experiencing gales.

            Magone reported to the Coast Guard that the waves washed most of the cod from the fishing vessel onto shore, and bears, sea lions, and gulls are reportedly feasting on the bounty.

            The wooden-hulled Unimak went aground on a rocky beach near cliffs. The Coast Guard is currently investigating why. The three men aboard the boat abandoned ship into a life raft, were rescued by the Sylvia Star and taken to Chignik.