Sep 24 2009
Rogan Starts for Mansfield Mountaineers in Sprint Football League
Thursday, 24 September 2009

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            At the Alaska high school level of organized football, pretty much anyone with the interest and athletic ability can play. But that's not so at the college level, where size matters. Even small schools boast linemen well over 300 pounds. But one Kodiak High School graduate has found a way to play even though he might be undersized for even Division Three college football.

            Connor Rogan, a 2009 graduate of Kodiak High, played in the offensive and defensive line on three Bears teams that went to the state championship game. He's now playing left guard for the Mansfield University Mountaineers.


--          (Sprint 1                      24 sec              "It's the Collegiate Sprint ... everyone the same size.")


            The Mountaineers blanked the Princeton Tigers on Saturday 33-to-nothing, and play Cornell University on tomorrow. Other schools in the league include Army, Navy and Penn.

            Rogan says there are no bad players at this level, especially compared to high school:


--          (Sprint 2                      18 sec              "It is a lot different ... going to be greater.")


            Rogan was one of the more muscular players on the Bears when he played in high school, and says the 172-pound weight limit of the Sprint Football League is a challenge:


--          (Sprint 3                      26 sec              "Yeah, I've been eating a lot less ... difficult and challenging.")


            Rogan is studying physics and engineering at Mansfield U., which is in Pennsylvania. He says there are no player scholarships and that the Sprint league puts academics before athletics. He says he would absolutely recommend Sprint football to his former high school teammates:


--          (Sprint 4                      27 sec              "I would, definitely ... a little bit undersized.")


            You can listen to the broadcast of the Mansfield Mountaineers game against the Big Red of Cornell online tomorrow morning at 9 Alaska Time, at Go Mounties dot com.