Sep 24 2009
Input Needed on New Library
Thursday, 24 September 2009

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          Kodiak's Public Library Association held a public meeting Tuesday night. Association members took the opportunity to share details about nine potential building sites for a new library.

            While the meeting focused on the plus and minuses of possible new sites, there was no actual selection made.  

           Erin Harrington is vice chair of the group.         


--          (Library Comments 2   "We didn't have...information from them.")


            An unexpected obstacle may have lowered the number of participants at Tuesday's meeting. Road construction blocked the entrance to the teen center where the event was held.


--          (Library Comments 3       "The turnout was...bit more broadly.")


            Herrington urges anyone who has an opinion about the library's new location to submit a comment.


--          (Library Comments 4             "For people who...accompany that.")


The comment period for choosing a new library site ends on October 9th.