Sep 21 2009
Bears Blanked by Kards
Monday, 21 September 2009

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            In their homecoming game Saturday, the Kodiak High School Bears faced the best team in Alaska, and though the defense shined, the Bears still fell 21-to-nothing against the Kenai Kardinals. Kenai has allowed only one score against them all year, a touchdown last week by the Homer Mariners.

            Saturday's game against Kenai was the last home game of the season. The Bears close out the regular season next week in Homer against the Mariners.


            The Kodiak offense showed occasional signs of life all day, but like this last offensive play of the game with under a minute to go, they all fell short:


--          (Bears 1          34 sec              "Oh, Kevin Lepola's pass is ... and some fumbles.")


            That was KVOK broadcaster Doug Letch. He agreed with his broadcast partner Steve Rounsaville on one thing, the Bears have some work to do before the playoffs:


--          (Bears 2          40 sec              "They've got Homer next week ... that's the game, folks.")


            The Bears were guaranteed a playoff berth with last week's win against Houston, but the playoff match-ups won't be decided until next week:


--          (Bears 3          36 sec              "For the playoffs, they'll have to ... nobody wants to go to Barrow.")