Sep 16 2009
Quass Gung-Ho as New Arts Director
Wednesday, 16 September 2009

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            Though they conducted a world-wide search, the board of the Kodiak Arts Council found their new director in our own back yard, in the person of Tom Quass, a retiring Coast Guard policeman.



--          (Quass 1                     57 sec              "But actually I've associated ... the military, obviously.")


            Quass took over from Nancy Kemp, who retired, on July 1st.

            Quass said the winter performance season starts next week with two local productions before the five visiting artists arrive:


--          (Quass 2                     49 sec              "We starting the month off ... as we can, as far as that goes.")


            Speaking of outreach, Quass says he has plans to broaden the arts council's appeal in the community:


--          (Quass 3                     50 sec              "When we do local ... arts council is doing for them.")


            Quass said the arts council recently received money through the federal stimulus act to fund a temporary part-time performing arts coordinator. It's a position that had been eliminated after funding was lost. He said the coordinator would work with him in securing and scheduling outside performers to appear in Kodiak. He's currently taking applications at his office in the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium, and would like to have the position filled within a few weeks. The job is funded through the end of the fiscal year at the end of June.