Jun 04 2008
Bruins Prowling Monashka
Wednesday, 04 June 2008
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            The bears are restless on the edge of the city. Fish and Game’s bear biologist Larry Van Daele issued an alert this morning about bear activity in the Monashka area of town.

            Because the lids have not been secured properly, he said bears have been getting into Dumpsters and eating garbage in the Otmeloi, Three Sisters and VFW areas.

            He said a couple residents in the VFW trailer court have reported a bear coming around their trailers the past couple of nights and pushing on their doors. None have gained entry, and none have been shot in defense of life or property.

            Van Daele says with the late green-up and not many fish in the creeks yet, bears are hungry and foraging for any food they can find, including human food, garbage, pet food and birdseed.

            He urges people to keep dumpster lids closed, pet food secured and to use caution when walking, working or playing around brushy areas.