Sep 04 2009
Arctic Rescue
Friday, 04 September 2009

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            The U.S. Coast Guard helped coordinate the medevac of a young woman from a cruise ship about 30 miles west of Prudhoe Bay Thursday. She was suffering from appendicitis. Coast Guard spokesman Walter Shinn in Juneau described the operation.



--          (Arctic Rescue 1                    36 sec              "We were contacted by ... clinic in Prudhoe Bay.")


            The call comes just after the Coast Guard wrapped up its Arctic operations for the summer. In preparation for situations just like this, the Coast Guard has been conducting operations out of Barrow for the past two summers.


--          (Arctic Rescue 2                    12 sec              "As the arctic sea opens up ... of northern Alaska.")


            The name of the 27-year-old German woman who was medevac'd has not been released, and her condition is unknown at this time.