Sep 02 2009
Food Bank Demand High
Wednesday, 02 September 2009

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             Yesterday we reported on the "Veggies at Work" program that provides fresh vegetables to people in need. Today we take a look at the program that distributes those vegetables. The Kodiak Baptist Mission food bank. KMXT's Diana Gish has more:


The food bank provides government food commodities and works with local groceries and other groups to distribute food to people in need. Trevor Jones is the executive director of the mission.

--          (Food Bank 1  "Those items....we're one of those.")

            Marion Owen of "Veggies at Work" helped the mission create its own vegetable beds. Other volunteers have adopted the gardens, growing the fresh vegetables that the food bank distributes.

--          (Food Bank 2 "It's a wonderful...this time of year.")

            Those locally grown fresh vegetables are especially important now, as the need for food assistance has increased since the beginning of the year. Jones says that the increase is substantial and its a trend that's taken him by surprise.

--          (Food Bank 3   "We actually.....last January.")

            Last month over 600 people looked to the food bank for help. The total number has risen each month since January. Jones says that even with the increased need, so far, they haven't had to turn anyone away.

--          (Food Bank 4  "Our local.... how its working.")

            Although the food bank is successfully meeting needs, the trend towards greater and greater demand does have Jones a little worried. He says he thinks those high numbers may change when the job-seeking population drops with the close of fishing season.

Donations of both food and money keep the food bank going. Jones says that anyone wanting to contribute can call the mission or come by the food bank at 1944 Rezanof, directly across from the hospital.

            I'm Diana Gish.