Aug 26 2009
Schools Prepare for Swine Flu
Wednesday, 26 August 2009

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            As Swine Flu makes its way through Alaska, some health professionals are worried that with the start of school and the close proximity of students with each other, cases of the H-1-N-1 virus might increase. Steve Doerksen, director of school and student services for the Kodiak Island Borough School District gave a presentation to the school board at its regular meeting Monday night.



--          (Swine Flu 1                21 sec              "In the advent of our new ... get ready for this.")


            He said that despite the hype surrounding the new strain of flu, it has not proven to be any worse than the regular flu, yet:


--          (Swine Flu 2                40 sec              "The H1N1 is behaving ... after the fever subsides.")


            Doerksen (dirk-son) says plans are being drawn up as to what to do in the schools in the event of an increase in severity:


--          (Swine Flu 3                59 sec              "If that's the case ... think about that aspect as well.")


            He said inoculations may be coming this fall, but he doesn't know as of yet what role schools may play:


--          (Swine Flu 4                27 sec              "There may be vaccinations ... if the need arises.")


            So far one case of Swine Flu has been reported in Kodiak, but there have been 400 confirmed cases and one death across Alaska.