Aug 22 2009
Threshold Contract Stands
Saturday, 22 August 2009

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Diana Gish/KMXT

            The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly met in special session (Tuesday) last night. The primary agenda item was a closed meeting with attorney Tom Klinker . The purpose of which was to hear the attorney's opinions on the re-consideration and contract with Threshold Services. Minutes after the meeting opened, the assembly adjourned into executive session.

 --    (Threshold Contract 1     :12                                           "...action on this matter.")

             Without going into much detail, Assembly Mayor Jerome Selby explained that the borough attorney determined that the motion to re-consider Threshold's contract was out of order. Selby stated that the contract with Threshold to carry out recycling services for the borough remains in effect.

             The contract has been a source of controversy all summer. At the center of that controversy are two main issues: Did the borough handle its request for proposals in a way that was fair to all and was there a conflict of interest with assembly woman Chris Lynch who serves as president of the board for the non-profit Threshold. And while those questions will undoubtedly impact future borough business, the issue of the Threshold contract is over for now.

--    (Threshold Contract 2            :58                                           " at this point.")

             The process of resolving the Threshold contract has brought some gray areas in Alaska law to the assembly's attention.

--    (Threshold Contract 3         1:10                                         "...take your chances.")

              Neither Louise Stutes, the assembly woman who filed the motion for re-consideration nor Chris Lynch, the assembly woman at the center of the contract storm, had a comment.