Aug 18 2009
Leisnoi Board Members Resign in Protest
Tuesday, 18 August 2009


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            Two Leisnoi Corporation board members have resigned in the wake of recent actions by board chairman Frank Pagano. Earlier this month, a writ of execution was filed that resulted in the emptying of eleven Leisnoi shareholders' personal bank accounts. Those eleven were also plaintiffs in a lawsuit that had been filed against Pagano and the other members of the Leisnoi board of directors.

            Shannon Johnson and Jeff Chester have resigned from the Leisnoi board. Chester spoke with KMXT's Diana Gish from his current home in Cave Creek, Arizona:

 --                    (2 Leisnoi Resignations                        " our corporate image.")

             That was Jeff Chester, former board member of the Leisnoi Corporation who resigned in protest of the board's action against eleven shareholders. A second board member, Shannon Johnson, also resigned her position.

On Monday August 17, Mike Walleri, the attorney for the eleven shareholders filed a motion to add the issue of the confiscated attorney's fees to the shareholders appeal of the case.