Aug 16 2009
Facelift for the Kodiak Post Office
Sunday, 16 August 2009

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The U.S. Postal Service is scrambling to save money by closing branches and possibly even cutting out Saturday mail delivery across the country. But here, the federal agency has decided to spend some money on the Kodiak post office. Kodiak Post Master Bill Kersch explained the recent development which has actually taken quite awhile. For years the plan has been to build a new Kodiak post office but not at its current location. Now, instead of getting a new post office Kodiak gets the next best thing; a freshly remodeled one.





             The project costs considerably less than a new building would and keeping the post office in its current location does not disappoint Kersch at all.


              (Kodiak Post Office 2      "...about staying where we're at.")


            The downside to the improvement is the upheaval that remodeling the post office will require.

The work starts on August 15th and will take about four months.


                (Kodiak Post Office 3      " the city of Kodiak.")


             Kersch went on to explain just what those improvements will entail.


            (Kodiak Post Office 4    "... staying where we're at.")


            Again, the renovation of the Kodiak Post Office begins this Saturday, August 15 and will take around four months to complete.