Aug 08 2009
Clean Water For Togo
Saturday, 08 August 2009

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            After college Kodiak's Ryan Sharratt signed up with a company called Volunteers for Peace, an information repository that keeps members informed about the needs of various populations. When Sharratt learned that the African country of Togo was having water quality problems, he knew what he wanted to do: fix it. So that's what he's going to do. Sharratt will put his education in environmental education to work when he travels to Togo on November 1st.

Diana Gish spoke with Sharrat about his upcoming trip and why he was moved into action.


Sharrat said that all of the leg work is done in preparation for his visit to the West African Country. He’s soliciting clothing and other goods to deliver to the people of Togo when he leaves on November 2nd. He’ll return to Kodiak on the 1st of December. We hope to speak with him via satellite phone during his trip to get an update on his progress in Togo.