Jul 24 2009
Council Massages Cod LLP Letter to Locke
Friday, 24 July 2009

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            At its Tuesday night work session, the Kodiak City Council went over two drafts of is proposed letter to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce regarding the imminent reduction in fixed gear cod permits in the Gulf of Alaska.

            City Councilman Terry Haines brought in his revisions to the draft that City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski (Kenya-zhoff-ski) wrote, and the other councilmembers weighed in with their suggestions.

            Haines' letter basically asks that the license reduction plan put forth by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council be put on hold until its ramifications can be determined.


--          (Cod LLP 1                 12 sec              "We ask that the ... vital public resource.")


            Councilman Tom Walters agreed:


--          (Cod LLP 2                 31 sec              "I think we all agree ... I completely agree.")


            Walters listed the three things he wants addressed by Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke:


--          (Cod LLP 3                 58 sec              "We're looking for ... CC all of them. Good idea.")


            That was Councilman Paul Smith suggesting Alaska's congressional delegation be sent the letter also.

            The letter was not scheduled for discussion at last night's city council meeting, but is sure to come back for more discussion at an upcoming work session.