Jul 15 2009
Former Kodiak Rep. LeDoux Seeking Anchorage House Seat
Wednesday, 15 July 2009

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            Former Kodiak State House Representative Gabrielle LeDoux has announced her intention to seek a return to state office next year, BUT it won't be from Kodiak. LeDoux said by phone Tuesday that she has moved to Anchorage. 

            LeDoux did not seek re-election to the House District 36 seat last year, because she ran against Don Young in the Republican U.S. House Primary.

            Her new House District is 19, the Muldoon area of Northeast Anchorage. LeDoux said it reminds her a lot of Kodiak.

            LeDoux said her friends and former constituents in Kodiak will still be on her mind if she wins election to the legislature next year.

            LeDoux has filed as a Republican in her letter of intent with the Alaska Public Offices Commission. Democrat Pete Peterson, who currently represents District 19, has filed a letter of intent to seek re-election. He's held that seat since last year, when he defeated incumbent Republican Bob Roses by 235 votes.

            Muldoon is a district that favored - by a few hundred votes each - both Mark Begich over Ted Stevens and Ethan Berkowitz over Don Young in last year's general election. In last year's Republican Primary Election, LeDoux received 171 votes against Young and Sean Parnell.