Jul 14 2009
School Board Mulls Funding Kodiak Football League
Tuesday, 14 July 2009

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            Representatives from the Kodiak Football League came before the Kodiak Island Borough School District Board of Education at its work session Monday night to discuss possible changes to the agreement that the league has with the school district. Board members expressed interest in a proposed change in wording of the agreement that would open the door to at least the possibility of some district funding for football.


            KFL president Joe Bailor referred specifically to one section of the draft contract in asking the board to consider the proposal.

--         (KFL 1                        32 sec.             "Right now, on this draft ... couldn't do athletics otherwise.")

            Rich Walker of KFL agreed with the need for changing the wording of the agreement and proposed as a first step that the district consider providing a coaching stipend.

--         (KFL 2                        42 sec.             "This one line or two lines ... we need everybody's help.")

            School board member Peggy Rauwolf said she is fully in favor of changing the wording of the agreement and opening the door to possible district funding for KFL, because of its benefits to both the kids who participate and the community.

--         (KFL 3                        30 sec.             "I've watched this program ... homecoming for the first time.")

            Board member Melissa Borton suggested putting a cap in place that  would limit any district contribution to five-thousand dollars. Board member Jeff Stephan supported the idea but wanted to know the amount of money the league would be asking for if the agreement was re-written. School board president Norm Wooten, who also supported the possibility of district funding for the league, called it a "natural evolution."

--         (KFL 4                        22 sec.             "It's taken the same path ...  to consider it certainly.")

            All of the board members seemed to agree with the suggestion that the language in question be dropped though no official decision was made. Wooten said the board's direction to the district was to enter into discussions with KFL and bring the matter back to the board for it to consider once a tentative agreement is reached. Superintendent Stewart McDonald said the district could not commit to any agreement with KFL until a clearer picture of the district's fund balance and student enrollment for this year is determined. He said there is no money available at the present time.