Jul 08 2009
Aussie Fishing, Walking, Around Alaska
Wednesday, 08 July 2009

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       An angler is someone who fishes. A Walkabout is an Australian term that refers to a rite of passage for young males. But what is an "Angler Walkabout"? KMXT's Diana Gish found out when she met Australian author Julian Wicksteed "walking about" Kodiak.


            The term walkabout has become better known in the last few decades thanks to books written on the subject and a renewed interest in the spiritual aspects of the Australian Aborigine practice. In the traditional walkabout a young man undertakes a solitary journey into the wilderness to retrace the path of his ancestors. Along the way he develops his survival skills and experiences an awakening to his place in the world.                In a new twist on the practice, Australian Author Julian Wicksteed has combined his interest in the Walkabout with an all consuming passion for fishing. Wicksteed,. who is on what he calls an "Angler Walkabout" just finished two weeks in Kodiak doing what he loves best.

--         (Aussie Angler 1                                                           1:10                                         "...the fishing is ok.")

            Wicksteed is the author of a book titled, "A Catch on Africa". It's the story of  his "by any means possible" journey from the Cape of Africa to Cairo, a trip that took over a year. The book takes readers along his walkabout, deep into the heart of rural Africa through 18 different countries. On his journey Wicksteed learned unique fishing techniques and got to know the African people, the land, the water and of course, the fish.

--        (Aussie Angler 2                                                           :57                               "...fly-in fly-out holiday.")

           Wicksteeds most recent journey took him through South America for more travel, cultural exploration and fishing. It was an opportunity to take on his favorite fish; the elusive brown trout. The trip to South American  is the source of his next fishing adventure book.

--         (Aussie Angler 3                                                           :23                               brown trout and rainbows.)

            Wicksteed also plans to turn his Alaskan experiences, including his trip to Kodiak, into a book or maybe two.

--         (Aussie Angler 4                                   :15                               "...further down the Aleutians".)

            As he headed out the door of KMXT studios Wicksteed stopped to study a state map, asking just how far west the Alaska ferries travel.

            I'm Diana Gish.