Jul 08 2009
Luna Saved from Sinking
Wednesday, 08 July 2009

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Several fishing boats assist the FV Luna and saved it from sinking on Tuesday (USCG photo) 

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            The Coast Guard reported Tuesday that it assisted a Kodiak-based fishing vessel after it struck a rock and began sinking Monday.

            Coast Guard Petty Officer Charly Hengen (Hen-jin) said the 50-foot fishing vessel Luna was fishing for salmon in Spiridon Bay on Kodiak Island's northwest side near Shelikof Strait when it began taking on water.     

--         (Assist 1                      23 sec.             "It began sinking Monday ... at approximately 12:20.")

            Hengen said the Jayhawk lowered a dewatering pump to the Luna and the Hercules dropped two additional pumps. The Coast Guard also launched an H-65 Dolphin helicopter from Air Station Kodiak.

--         (Assist 2                      10 sec.             "On board that helicopter ... or anything like that.")

            In addition to the fishing vessel Lady Ashely, several other Good Samaritan vessels in the area assisted the Luna with dewatering. Hengen said the flooding was controlled, and the Good Samaritan vessels remained in the area, continuing to assist.

--         (Assist 3                      30 sec.             "There was a lot of people fishing ... the fishing vessel Luna.")

            As of this (Tuesday) afternoon, the crew of the Luna was making repairs to the vessel in preparation for a return to Kodiak. Hengen said it had yet to be determined at the time if the Luna would return under its own power or need to be towed in. The Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment in Kodiak reports no environmental issues or concerns at this time.