Jul 06 2009
Fuel Still a Disproportionate Cost of Fishing
Monday, 06 July 2009

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            A year ago the price of diesel was over 5-dollars a gallon. That summer of rising fuel prices forced boat owners to make tough decisions about keeping their fishing operations afloat. And what about this summer? Has a slight drop in the cost of fuel given fishermen any relief? 

KMXT's Diana Gish has more:


A year ago everyone in the fishing community was affected by the rise in fuel prices. In a story reported by KMXT last summer long-time fisherman Dave Kubiak said that increased costs had changed the whole face of fishing. Now that fuel prices are slightly lower this year I asked Dave Kubiak if what he said still holds true.


--          (Kubiak 1                                                        :19                                                       "...what we had.")

            As Kubiak says, the decrease in market value effectively wipes out any potential savings in fuel costs.

--          (Kubiak 2                                            :20                                           "...not EFFICIENT boats.")

            Last summer, in fuel alone, Kubiak's boat cost him $32 dollars an hour to operate.

--          (Kubiak 3                                            1:00                                         "...cost him more for his fuel.")

            Around this time last year fishermen were modifying or downsizing their boats in response to the fuel prices. Many were faced with tough choices about where and when to fish and whether or not they could even continue. According to Kubiak the story's the same this year.

--         (Kubiak 4                                            :43                               "...have pulled the throttles back.")

            I'm Diana Gish