Jul 03 2009
Palin Resigns
Friday, 03 July 2009

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            Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has announced she will step down on July 26th. She made the announcement at an impromptu press conference at her Wasilla home, surrounded by her family and Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell. She will turn the reins of government over to Parnell later this month when he is sworn in at the Governor's picnic in Fairbanks.

            Though she was vague about her future plans, Palin said she felt she could effect more positive change for Alaskans and Americans outside of government. She said there needs to be a "full-court press" against the policies of the federal government and the "flushing down the drain" of public dollars.

            She said the decision "has been in the works for a while," after much thought and prayer.