Jul 01 2009
Fish and Game Closes Ayakulik Kings, Restricts Karluk Reds
Wednesday, 01 July 2009

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            The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has announced more Kodiak area sport fishery closings and restrictions. The Ayakulik River king salmon fishery closed just after midnight this (Wednesday) morning, because the escapement goal is not expected to be reached. Despite Fish and Game's efforts to reduce king salmon mortality by prohibiting the use of bait and harvest in the Ayakulik sport fishery, only 1,631 king salmon had passed the weir as of Sunday. The escapement goal is 4,800 to 9,600. Also closing this morning were the state and federal king salmon subsistence fisheries in the Ayakulik drainage.

            In addition, the Karluk River sockeye salmon sport fishery bag limit has been reduced to two fish per day, and the possession limit was reduced to four today. According to Fish and Game, just over 45-thousand sockeye salmon had passed the Karluk River weir as of Sunday, and the escapement goal is 110-thousand to 250-thousand. The new bag limits remain in effect until July 15th.