Jun 24 2009
Summer Skiing, Kodiak Style
Wednesday, 24 June 2009

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A skiing partner of Patrick Saltonstall's schussing down Pyramid Mountain recently. Photo by Patrick Saltonstall.


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            Summer's here and with it, the kind of outdoor fun many of us dream of through the long winter. Many of us, but not all of us. For one segment of Kodiak's population, the lure of the slopes doesn't fade even as the snow does. Some local fanatics, like Patrick Saltonstall, ski on into the summer months.

            KMXT's Diana Gish asked Saltonstall if he qualified as a "ski nut." 

            Besides skiing year round, Patrick Saltonstall is the curator of the Alutiiq Museum. An internet forum on skiing in Kodiak anytime of the year can be found here.