Jun 19 2009
Come Have Coffee with a Ranger
Friday, 19 June 2009

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            The Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center's "Coffee with a Ranger" program is now underway. The weekly event offers visitors and residents an opportunity to connect with experts on a variety of wildlife issues.

            The next "Coffee with a Ranger" presentation will take place at 1 p.m. on June 24th.  Naturalist Doug Stuart will discuss National Wildlife Refuges from Kodiak to Attu.

Diana Gish has more:


            In their most recent study, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service reported that together, Alaskans and tourists spent 581 million dollars on wildlife viewing in 2006. That number includes the logistics involved with the activities such as food, lodging and gear in addition to other expenses. It's the dual benefit of economics and appreciation for wildlife that drives Alaska's Watchable Wildlife Program and brought its coordinator to Kodiak's National Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Center.

            Tina Shaw is the Center's manager.

--          (coffee fx/Tina Shaw 1                       X:xx                "... a little more about their own backyard.")

--          (Beth Peluso 1                                    X:xx                "... how interconnected everything is.")

            Beth Peluso, the Coordinator of the "Watchable Wildlife Program" for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, explained the intent of the program.

--          (Beth Peluso 2                                    X:xx                            "... because they want to see animals.")

            A LOT of people. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service reports that  496,000 people took part in wildlife viewing activities in Alaska in 2006. Of that number, 208,000 were Alaskans. Peluso calls those numbers conservative since they refer only to specific wildlife viewing activities and exclude viewing that takes place under other circumstances. At her talk on Wednesday, Beth Peluso explained the different aspects of "Watchable Wildlife" and promoted her department's latest publication, "Alaska's South Coastal Wildlife Viewing Guide".

--          (Beth Peluso 2                                    X:xx                           "...promote their community as well".)

            "Alaska's South Coastal Wildlife Viewing Guide" is available at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Center where the "Coffee with a Ranger" program will take place every Wednesday throughout the summer. Visitor Center Manager Tina Shaw believes it's a great opportunity to help people connect to Kodiak's wildlife refuge.

--          (Tina Shaw 2                                       X:xx                            "... you're being talked with".   )

I'm Diana Gish.