Jun 17 2009
Post 17 Bears Join American Legion Baseball League
Wednesday, 17 June 2009

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            It's been about 20 years since American Legion baseball was played in Kodiak, but this year high school Coach Rick Langfitt has put together a team to compete with the dozen other teams in the division.



--          (Baseball 1                 18 sec              "The competition will be ... and two teams in Fairbanks.")


            And just like the boys of summer in the Minor Leagues, the Post 17 Bears will be spending a lot of time on the road, leaving on the ferry tonight (Wednesday) for a two-week road-trip.


--          (Baseball 2                 51 sec              "We play our first game ... we're really going to enjoy it.")


            Unfortunately for Kodiak baseball fans, Langfitt said there will not be any home games this season:


--          (Baseball                    29 sec              "We're hoping that ... drive back home.")


            The Post 17 Kodiak Bears will play in the American Legion's A-Division, which is open to players 17 and under. There is a Double-A division for players up to 19-years-old, but Langfitt decided it would be too difficult to recruit enough former students back for the summer to play Double-A ball.