Jun 11 2009
Cod LLP Letter Back Before Assembly
Thursday, 11 June 2009

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            There could be a hot time in the old town tonight as the Cod LLP recency letter comes up again at the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly work session. Past meetings have drawn large crowds of people on both sides of the issue.

            The assembly is weighing whether to send a letter to the Secretary of Commerce asking him to reject the plan proposed by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council that would permanently remove nearly 800 fixed-gear cod licenses in the Gulf of Alaska. The removal would be of licenses held by fishermen who have not fished them within a certain eligibility window.

            On one side are those who say taking that many licenses away would be a barrier to others wanting to enter the fishery. They point out that many fishermen target different species at different times, and shouldn't be forced out of the fixed gear cod fishery just because they haven't fished them enough. On the other side are those who have fished their licenses and believe the borough should stay out of issue.

            The letter, addressed to Secretary Gary Locke, was proposed by Assemblywoman Sue Jeffrey. It requests that a thorough socio-economic analysis be made of the effects of extinguishing so many permits. The letter states that limiting access to the cod fishery to the proposed degree may not be in the best interest of Kodiak and other coastal communities. 

            Also on the agenda for tonight's meeting is a discussion of possible funding options for the borough and school district's list of renewal and replacement projects.

            The assembly work session gets under way at