Jun 08 2009
No Leaks Reported as New Pool Continues on Schedule
Monday, 08 June 2009

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            After about 15 months, construction on the new swimming pool at Kodiak High School is nearing completion. The pool recently passed a series of leak tests, and is on schedule to open by the target date in late August.

            Last week, workers with Janssen Contracting of Anchorage performed a series of leak tests, filling the pool with water and measuring water loss over a period of time. Project manager Ken Smith with the Kodiak Island Borough's Engineering and Facilities Department said the pool passed the leak test with flying colors, and that only a few such tests remain to be conducted on other parts of the pool.

--         (Pool 1             26 sec.             "I just did a calculation, and ... as being within tolerances.")

            Smith said that having passed the all-important leak test, the next step in the construction process involves completely draining the pool, putting down a plaster coating and beginning tile work both inside and outside the pool. He said the coating and tile will make the pool even more water-tight.

--         (Pool 2             24 sec.             "They're getting ready ...  also have tile on the walls.")

            Smith said there is still plenty of work to be done, and that it is likely to take the entire time allotted to complete the project. However, he said he expects to remain on schedule, and that he's pleased with the progress on the project overall, despite some minor setbacks along the way. He's also looking forward to seeing the work conclude and the facility begin to be used.

--         (Pool 3             39 sec.             "They're putting acoustical board ... swimming in there.")

            Smith said the plan remains to see those people swimming in the new pool beginning on August 22nd. Construction on the facility began in March of 2008.