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Sep 12 2014
Sullivan Now On for Kodiak Fisheries Debate
Friday, 12 September 2014

Jay Barrett/KMXT
    Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Dan Sullivan has changed his mind about coming to Kodiak to participate in the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce fisheries debate. That word from his campaign staff this morning.
    Spokesman Mike Anderson said his candidate will attend and is looking forward to the debate, scheduled for October 1st. He said that Sullivan recognizes the importance of Alaska's fisheries, and that the campaign has rescheduled a swing through Southwest Alaska to ensure that he could make the Kodiak debate.
    Anderson said that Sullivan “looks forward to a healthy exchange of ideas with Mark Begich on the future of Alaska's fisheries, and is excited to attend the debate in Kodiak.”
    Since Tuesday when it was announced he was skipping the fisheries debate, Sullivan had come under almost continuous attack from his opponent, incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Begich, who described the Kodiak event as a tradition among Alaska statewide candidates.
    Sullivan has been unavailable for comment this week. Today, Anderson said, he is in Marine Corps Reserve training and unavailable to speak to the change of heart.
    The two-hour debate will feature candidates for the U.S. Senate in the first hour, and candidates for the U.S. House in the second. Incumbent Republican Representative Don Young and Democratic challenger Forrest Dunbar have both confirmed that they will attend. It will be broadcast on KMXT, and made available statewide through the Alaska Public Radio Network.

Sep 12 2014
Council Increases Pay for Mayor and Future Councils
Friday, 12 September 2014

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This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
    After the next Kodiak City Council is sworn in, members, and the mayor, will be receiving a monthly stipend double what it is now. The vote was 4-1 in favor of the ordinance which would increase the council’s pay from $200 per month to $400, and the mayor’s from $250 to $500.
    No citizens spoke during the public hearing on the matter. Councilman Charlie Davidson, who has spent most of the last couple decades serving on the council, was one of the sponsors.
    “I feel it’s only fair for what the amount of work this council has been putting in the past year. And if anybody in the public doesn’t think it’s fair, I’ll be happy to show you what we do and why I feel like I do.”
    Councilman Gabriel Saravia, another veteran councilman, laid out several reasons why he thought the raise was warranted.
    “Some people they maybe need the money to live, maybe some people not have a good job, maybe some people not retired yet. And maybe it increases the opportunity to people to serve on the council. We have elections every year, you know they offer opportunities to everybody and I think it’s the right thing to do.”
    Councilman Rich Walker said the doubling of the council and mayor’s pay would only bring them up to about the middle of what their counterparts in similar cities receive.
    “We researched this, and this hasn’t been changed since 1984. We’re the sixth largest city in the state right now? And we went through the list of all the councils working through all the major cities in Alaska and found out we were on the very low end of the totem pole. I don’t even know if we ranked on there it was so low. You know, what we’re asking for here is just an increase up to about the mid range of what other communities are getting for the same type of value of work.”
    Councilman Terry Haines said an increase of workload warrants a raise, and added that it may be the impetus that would bring out more candidates.
    “Well we did have a lot of discussion about this, and we’ve been talking about it for years, frankly. But it’s been an awfully long time since it’s been raised, and the amount of time commitment and effort commitment has frankly increased in the time I’ve been on the council. I think what really convinced me, though, was that in the future I really think there are members of the community who might serve, but yet are unable to because of the time commitment because they have to do something else. And this might allow some members of our community to serve who can’t now.”
    Councilman Randy Bishop was the only member to vote no on the raise:
    “I don’t support the fact that this is used as a marketing tool for people to accept this position. I believe people should accept this position for their dedication, heart and love for the city.”
    And with Councilman John Whiddon absent, that’s how the voting broke down, with the raise passing 4-to-1 and Bishop dissenting. The raises go into effect on November 1st.

Sep 11 2014
The Alaska Fisheries Report
Thursday, 11 September 2014

6.41 MB | Download MP3 | Open in popup


Coming up this week, Alaskans won’t get to hear the Republican candidate for Senate’s take on fisheries, West Coast fishermen may be required to scare birds off, and more tests for radiation from Fukushima, all coming up on the Alaska Fisheries Report. We had help from KSTK’s Katarina Sostaric in Wrangle and Northwest News Network’s Tom Banse in Olympia.

Sep 11 2014
Unidentified Body Found on Shuyak Island During Clean Up
Thursday, 11 September 2014

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This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
    The unidentified human remains discovered on Shuyak Island Monday was found by the executive director of Kodiak’s Island Trails Network, whose crew was collecting marine debris on Shuyak and nearby Afognak Island this summer.
    Andy Schroeder says he was alone in his skiff and scouting the next beach his crew of a dozen would clean when he spotted the body.
    “And when I approached I saw human remains. Badly decomposed, but fully clothed, in sort of the mid-tide level on the beach. I came up for a closer look just to verify that I was seeing what I thought I saw. And upon realizing that I went back to the Island Sea and contacted the State Troopers.”
    He said the Troopers responded quickly with a float plan out of Kodiak, and his crew helped with the transfer of the remains from the beach.
    “The whole operations took less than two hours from the time I discovered the remains to the time it landed back in Kodiak. Our crews responded and were able to assist, and I think anybody would have done the same thing in that situation.”
    Alaska State Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said there was no identification with the body and that the State Medical Examiner will try to determine the person’s identity and cause of death. Schroeder said the body was dressed like a commercial fisherman.
    “The victim was fully clothed, wearing chest waders, a rain jacket and gloves. I could see, nevertheless that the body was badly decomposed.”
    Shuyak Island is 50 miles north of Kodiak City.

Sep 11 2014
Natnional Senior Center Month Brings Flurry of Activities
Thursday, 11 September 2014

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This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
    The mayor regularly makes proclamations to draw attention or recognize people or events or causes that they feel are important to the community. At tonight’s Kodiak City Council meeting, Mayor Pat Branson will make a proclamation of something that is near and dear to her, as the Senior Citizens of Kodiak executive director.
    “It’s National Senior Center Month and it’s sponsored by the National Council on Aging, and the National Institute of Senior Centers. And it happens every September. And so each September our agency puts on extra activities to celebrate our senior center that’s been around in Kodiak since 1973.”
    In recognition, she says the Kodiak Senior Center will have many special activities this month.
    “Well, we have trivia every Friday, and we have a wonderful grand prize: a NOOK that’s going to be given away on the 26th, the last Friday of the month. We have walks continuing each Friday. We have Breakfast for Brains going on each Wednesday morning at 9 o’clock, pinochle in the afternoon, games in the afternoon. Yoga starts again with Veronica Costa-Bolton, she does a great job and that starts on the 15th. We have exercise on Tuesday and Thursday, and that’s exercise with Katrina. Each Thursday we have our computer classes starting up. We have lunch and learn going on this month as well, story telling. Lots of things going on.”
    The seniors who frequent the center are also participating in a photography challenge, as Branson explains.
    “All month we have had seniors bring in their pictures of when they were young, with their siblings or their parents and we have those posted on our bulletin board. And we have a guessing game going on as to who can guess the people when they’re much younger in the photos on our bulletin board. And that’s kind of fun to see everybody’s picture up there.”
    The Kodiak Senior Center also has its own band, the Whipper-Snappers, who play every Friday at 1 p.m.
    Tune in to the Kodiak City Council meeting tonight on KMXT to learn more about the Mayor’s proclamation of National Senior Center Month. We’re broadcasting it live at 7:30.

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