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May 15 2015
Citizens Speak on Jackson Mobile Home Park and Fisheries Closing at Borough Assembly Work Session
Friday, 15 May 2015
Kayla Desroches/KMXT

People filled the chairs, stood in the doorways, and sat on the floor at the Borough Assembly work session last night. Many of them were residents of Jackson Mobile Home Park and say they were recently given notice that the park would be closed. Some citizens spoke up to ask for the Borough Assembly to intercede. Barbara Cobban was one of those present.

“I can’t move my trailer,” says Coban. “My trailer’s over ten years old. I have a home. I have no where to take it. At all. So, I really hope that my thoughts have made some sort of impact.”

The Borough Assembly spent the majority of its meeting on budget review and other items on its agenda, but revisited the park closing near the end of the work session. It talked about further pursuing the issue with the Kodiak Island Planning and Zoning Commission, possible alternative locations for park residents, and seeking legal counsel. Here’s Assemblyman Frank Peterson explaining the need for legal assistance.

“The question was the landlord-tenant laws, you know what can we do as far as that’s in concerned,” says Peterson. “How much do we want to get involved in that? Is it a slippery slope? Do we just want to stay away from it all together? And that’s the legal advice.”

Citizens also spoke up on the May 3 closing of the Gulf of Alaska non-pollock non-rockfish catcher vessel sector fisheries.

In the meeting agenda packet, a draft letter to the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council states the closing is a result of an amendment that enforces a 2,700 Chinook salmon hard-cap.

The letter also says Kodiak is the sole community to be affected since Kodiak’s non-Pollock trawl catcher vessel fleet is the only one that runs after May in the Gulf of Alaska.

The letter requests that NOAA and the Secretary of Commerce make emergency Chinook salmon available to the fisheries to prevent negative affects on the community.

The Borough Assembly expressed concerns about the letter’s organization and suggested re-writing it before considering it further. Here’s a comment from Assemblyman Dan Rohrer.

“The strongest point I read in this letter was the issue of the 97% of the fish caught as bycatch from the trawl fisheries are hatchery-caught fish,” says Rohrer. “And that’s the information that didn’t exist prior when they came up with the 2,700 number and so that’s the new information that allows the council to look at doing an emergency order, and it just seems like that’s what you need to lead with.”

The Assembly decided it will revisit the issue after receiving a new draft. The next Borough Assembly regular meeting is planned for Thursday, May 21.
May 14 2015
Borough Assembly to Address Property Taxes at Work Session
Thursday, 14 May 2015
Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Both the Kodiak City Council and the Kodiak Borough Assembly will hold meetings tonight. The Borough Assembly will begin its work session at 7:30 p.m. and continue discussion of several unresolved issues from last week’s regular meeting, including a property tax ordinance for mobile homes.

Borough Manager Bud Cassidy said at last Thursday’s meeting that the ordinance would define what a mobile home is, require identification of the responsible party to pay mobile home property taxes, and require that any tax appeal be filed in the Kodiak courthouse.

“But the biggest change is in the accounting for mobile homes,” says Cassidy. “They’re considered real property just like a residence and are required to pay property tax. We’ve talked to you about how we’re having difficulty in collecting those taxes. Some of it is maybe folks don’t realize they have to pay the property tax, but in many cases, we’re having real difficulty in finding out the owners of the mobile home.”

The Borough Assembly will also talk about an ordinance to exempt commercial vessels from paying the one-dollar-a-foot tax which applies to boats over 20 feet.

The Borough assessor’s argument is it costs more to collect the information and manage paperwork than the amount the Borough collects from the tax. Assemblywoman Rebecca Skinner responded to one audience member’s reasons for opposing the ordinance and says it influenced her own doubts about the suggested changes.
“Previously part of the justification – and it’s right in the ordinance – for excluding the vessels was because of the severance tax collected on fish,” says Skinner. “But if the equity issue has more to do with equipment or boats that look more like equipment, construction equipment, that kind of thing, maybe we do need to look at that.”

The Borough Assembly meeting tonight will take place in the Borough Conference Room and be open for public comment.

Also at 7:30 p.m., the Kodiak City Council will hold its regular meeting in the Assembly Chambers. On the agenda are several requests for public property use, including for the Kodiak Garden Club’s annual plant sale and the Filipino-American Association of Kodiak’s fundraising dance for its basketball team travel costs.

The City Council will also announce its reception of a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014.

The memorandum in the agenda says the award “represents the highest form of recognition in governmental accounting and financial reporting.”

The City Council regular meeting is also open for public comment.

May 14 2015
Run, Walk, Scoot for Kodiak Special Olympics
Thursday, 14 May 2015
special_olympics_officer_athlete_community_director.jpgLeft to right, Lieutenant DJ Clumpner, Brittany Tregarthen, and Dan Canavan. Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

If you like running – or biking, skipping, or hopping – you can join the Alaska Law Enforcement Torch Run & Pledge Drive for Special Olympics Alaska on Saturday.

You can sponsor a participant, or be one yourself, and choose your own method of doing the 5k run. All proceeds go to support the Special Olympics athletes.

Dan Canavan is the volunteer community director for the Special Olympics Alaska Kodiak program. He says athletes take part in a wide variety of sports throughout the year, and he says Special Olympics offers the same sports you’d see in the Olympics itself.

In Kodiak, Canavan says the season depends on how many volunteers they have, but they try to offer at least two sports to choose from.

“We always have power lifting and a very strong team,” says Canavan. “We’re beginning to rebuild the unified basketball program and we’re rebuilding the swimming program this year. And in the fall we have golf and bachi, and then we have our bowling season.

And he says every two years, Special Olympics holds summer or winter world games. This year, the Kodiak branch will send power-lifter Brittany Tregarthen to Los Angeles for the summer World Games.

Canavan says it’s involved a lot of planning.

“It’s pretty exciting,” says Canavan. “She’s been at this – the preparation’s been a year, getting all of the team USA collectively together, ready, properly trained, and pumped for it, and they’ll have athletes from around the world.”

Canavan says Tregarthen will be going to Los Angeles in July for two weeks to compete. The athlete herself says power-lifting is her favorite sport and sure enough, she’s strong. She says recently she almost lifted 150 pounds.

And it took a lot of effort to get in shape.

“Starting eating healthier,” says Tregarthen. “And I start training, and I had to walk a lot.”
Canavan can testify to that hard work.

“She’s been at this for a solid year at least three days a week, plus the additional exercising, walking, and those kinds of things,” says Canavan. “So a lot of preparation, a lot of time and effort to get prepared for that level of competition.”
And Tregarthen, who is originally from Colorado, is excited about one more thing waiting for her in California.

“I am so glad, part of my family who lives part in Los Angeles – I have family up there who’s coming to see me lifting,” says Tregarthen.

You can help support Tregarthen and her fellow athletes at the Torch Run starting at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Wells Fargo Bank downtown. The route will go from the starting location, up Mill Bay, down to Bartel, and then to Rezanof back to Wells Fargo, where a barbecue will take place with help from the Kodiak Police Department.

Bring along your bikes, baby carriages, scooters, and any other wheels you’d like. Or just bring your feet.
May 14 2015
Alaska Fisheries Report
Thursday, 14 May 2015

6.41 MB | Download MP3 | Open in popup



Coming up this week, summer salmon fishing gears up with Copper River's first opening; cannery bosses in Unalaska are handling the state's new, higher minimum wage by raising the rent they charge folks who come up and stay in their bunkhouses; and we get get a preview of the Yukon salmon season. We had help from KCHU's Marcia Lynn reporting from Cordova, KUCB's Annie Ropeik, who, I'm sad to report is moving back east after nearly two years of outstanding work in Unalaska, and, KNOM's Matthew Smith in Nome. 

May 13 2015
Electrical Problem Turns Ravn Flight Around
Wednesday, 13 May 2015
A Ravn Alaska de Havilland Dash-8 taxiing in Anchorage. Photo FlightAware 
Jay Barrett/KMXT
The afternoon Ravn Alaska flight Tuesday from Anchorage to Kodiak was turned around when a warning light went off in the cockpit indicating an electrical problem.

“A caution light went on indicating that there was a failed inverter, which is basically like a fuse. And based on the location of where they were in-flight, it made the most sense to turn around and land in Anchorage,” Ravn's spokesperson Charlotte Sieggreen said. “It was a quick fix and the plane was up and running in a couple of hours.”

Some passengers stated on Friends of Kodiak that they saw and smelled acrid smoke, but saw no flames. The plane returned to Anchorage without incident.

Chris Shaver, an air safety investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board in Anchorage, said the pilots handled the situation according to proper procedures.

“We just received a notification that one of the Ravn flights had a smoke indication, smell of smoke in the cockpit, and had returned for a landing in Anchorage,” Shaver said. “Shortly afterwards we contacted Ravn and spoke with their safety team and their maintenance directors and found out basically it was a malfunction in one of the electrical devices. They turned that device off when they smelled the smoke and the smoke went away immediately.”

Shaver said the incident didn't rise to the level where the NTSB would start a formal investigation and considers the matter closed.

Flight 890 is flown by a twin-turboprop de Havilland Dash-8, which departs Anchorage daily at around 2 p.m. for Kodiak. 
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