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Aug 18 2014
Unknown Suspects Impersonate Officers, Fire Gun
Monday, 18 August 2014

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           Alaska State Troopers and the Kodiak Police Department are asking for the public’s help in finding two men who impersonated law enforcement over the weekend.
           Megan Peters is a spokesperson for the troopers and said gun shots were reportedly heard at Mill Bay beach just before Midnight on Saturday. Upon arrival and further investigation, Peters said troopers learned that two males dressed in black and wearing ski masks approached a 17-year-old juvenile near the beach.
            “The subjects claimed that they were police officers and demanded that the minor identify himself. When the minor questioned their validity as law enforcement officers one of the subjects brandished a pistol and fired the weapon.”  
             Peters said the minor was not injured and the suspects fled the scene. The incident is still under investigation and anyone with information should contact the troopers or police department immediately.
              “We always do encourage the public to come forward with any kind of information that they have regarding any crime. We really do rely on tips we get from the public in certain cases and this case we really feel like it would be exceedingly helpful if somebody did call us and were able to tell us some information.”
              The Alaska State Troopers can be contacted by calling 486-4121, or folks can anonymously contact Crime Stoppers at 486-3113.

Aug 18 2014
Young Says He Still Has Clout in Congress
Monday, 18 August 2014

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    At the age of 81, Alaska Congressman Don Young, is seeking a 22nd term in the United States House of Representatives and spent a number of days on Kodiak Island last week on a campaign swing.
    Currently in his 42nd year of service, Young was first sent to Washington after winning a special election after his general election opponent disappeared on a plane flight.
    “You know it’s an amazing thing. It just seems like yesterdaythat  I was running in a special election against... well, actually the election against Nick Begich. October the 16th he went out and had an airplane wreck and we never did find him. And he beat me. And then of course I got elected to a special .. well, not of course – it was a close race ... in the special election in March 7th of 73. And then got sworn into office March 14th and I’ve been there ever since.”
    Nick Begich is the father of current U.S. Senator Mark Begich, who is seeking re-election this year:
    “Oh I think Mark has done a good job. I think some of his votes were wrong. But again I’ve known him since he was 10 years old and watched his growth. Everybody has to make up his own decision how they’d vote and not vote.”
    Though he is the longest-serving Republican in Congress, his critics say that several controversies have limited his effectiveness despite his tenure. Young says that seniority is still a rare and valuable thing.
    “Of course my opponent says it doesn’t, but it does. It’s not just about committee chairmanships. I’ll be the first one to tell you the chances of my getting another chairmanship out of a full committee is very unlikely. But it is ... I have communications with both sides of the aisle, of a lot of existing chairmen, a lot of former chairmen. And I have a network that nobody else can get. It takes time. And this is the way the political system works. Everybody, not everybody, they run against me, they say, ‘well he doesn’t have any clout any more.’ Well they don’t have any clout period.”
    Young said he would step aside and endorse a like-minded young candidate if they would commit to staying in the U.S. House for 25-years, which is how long he says it takes to build up the kind of clout it takes to be effective.
    Young faces three Republican challengers in the primary: John Cox, David Dohner and David Seaward. The winner will take on the victor of the Democratic primary, which is being contested by perennial candidate Frank Vondersaar and frontrunner Forrest Dunbar.

Aug 18 2014
Slate Set for Local Elections
Monday, 18 August 2014

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    The final candidate list for October’s municipal elections is set, after a flurry of filings made on Friday.
    Joining Incumbents Terry Haines and Randy Bishop on the Kodiak City Council ballot will be Marnie Leist and David Haught. They are vying for a pair of three-year terms on the council. All seats are elected at-large, with the top two vote-getters being seated.
    Two more names were added to the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly race, bringing the total to seven candidates seeking three positions. While incumbents Dave Kaplan and Tuck Bonney are seeking re-election, fellow Assemblyman Mel Stephens is not.
    On the ballot with Kaplan and Bonney are  Larry LeDoux, Brenda Schwantes, Dan Rohrer, Rebecca Skinner and Jascha Zbitnoff. Though the assembly represents the entire borough, all the candidates are from the greater Kodiak City area. All three terms are for three-years.
    For the school board, there are three candidates for two open seats. Incumbent Katie Oliver is seeking re-election, and will be joined on the ballot by Jeff Stewart and Duncan Fields.
    There are no candidates for the one seat on the Bay View OR Monashka Bay road service area boards.
    There are full slates for the Womens Bay Service Area Board, with John Isadore, David Heuman and George Lee all but guaranteed a seat. It’s the same situation on the Fire Protection Number 1 Board, with two men, Richard Carstens and Scott Arndt, running for the two openings.
    The Service Area Number 1 Board is a candidate short, with three seats available, but only two men running, Mike Sirofchuck and Scott Arndt.
    The municipal election for all these positions will be on Tuesday, October 7th.

Aug 18 2014
Murkowski Won't Endorse Primary Candidates
Monday, 18 August 2014

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             U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski was in Kodiak last week for a groundbreaking ceremony on the Coast Guard Base. After the ceremony she took time to talk with KMXT.
            While Murkowski isn’t up for re-election this year her senate counterpart, Democrat Mark Begich, is. The two have worked together in the senate for almost six years, something Begich has mentioned several times during his campaign. In fact, Begich has talked about their camaraderie and voting similarity so much that recently Murkowski asked him to focus on his own record and leave hers out of it.
              “I have always taken a very bipartisan approach to legislating – I believe that that’s the right thing to do. I believe Alaskans want their entire delegation to be working together on Alaska-related issues and I try to do that. I also make sure though that I run on my own record. I’m proud of what our delegation does as a team, but I recognize that as one member of the team, I have to run on my record. And I have just suggested, most recently very directly, that Senator Begich does need to run on his record, as I run on mine.”   

Aug 15 2014
Sand Point Police Investigate Tustumena Drug Smuggling
Friday, 15 August 2014

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Lauren Rosenthal/KUCB
    It’s not uncommon for the Tustumena ferry to get held up on its trips through the Aleutian Chain. Usually, it’s due to rough weather or mechanical issues.
    But this Sunday, the Tustumena spent some extra time in Sand Point so local police could investigate alleged drug smuggling.
    Officer Eric Tupper says he received a call from a ferry employee while the vessel was still on its way into port.
    ”Somebody on board was seen with what appeared to be a plastic bag with a white powder in it. They were requesting that I try to search the bags or locate the white powder because they were unable to do so.”
    This isn’t the first time that Sand Point police have heard about drugs allegedly coming into the community on the Tustumena. But those tips usually come after the fact.
    In this instance, Tupper says he was able to board the vessel as soon as it arrived in Sand Point.  He met up with two passengers who had been flagged as suspicious and searched by Tustumena staff – which is allowed, according to Alaska Marine Highway System policies.
    Tupper asked a third passenger to step off the ferry for questioning. That woman was carrying a mixed vial of pills in her luggage. With help from the local clinic, police determined that the prescriptions were valid.
    “So it ended up being [that] we didn’t find any drugs. But we take any clue about drugs very seriously because of the drug problem and we’re going to investigate it as seriously as we can, and take every step we can to make sure that drugs aren’t coming [in]. And I think that we did that successfully.”
    Tupper wouldn’t point to any specific cases, but he says police have been making progress on stopping illegal drug sales in Sand Point.

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