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2015: Better or Worse

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Planning and Zoning Public Hearing

The Borough Planning and Zoning Commission public hearings on the draft revisions to the land use and zoning regulations will continue on February 4th. The sections of Borough Code in the proposed changes are Title 16 Subdivisions; Title 18 Borough Lands; and Title 17 Zoning.


The meeting on February 4th begins at 6:30pm in the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium. The meeting will be broadcast on KMXT 100.1FM and the public may call in during public comment periods to KMXT at 486-3181. More information, including a side-by-side comparison of the current code and the proposed revisions, and copies of the updated code are available at the Borough Community Development office or online at www.kodiakak.us. If you have any questions about how these regulations may affect your property, please contact staff at 486-9630 or 486-9361.  

Galley Tables
galley_tables_logo_transparent.jpg Did you miss Galley Tables last month? You can always find the stories at www.galleytables.com, or by clicking the Galley Tables button on the lower right side of our page. February's Galley Tables will be held in the Gerald C Wilson Auditorium Drama Pod on Friday, February 6th at 7:00pm. It will also air later in February on KODK 90.7 FM.
Jan 12 2015
Busy Weekend for Kodiak Athletes
Monday, 12 January 2015
Jay Barrett/KMXT
    The Kodiak High School Bears basketball girls went 2-and-1 at the 48th Joe Floyd Tourney over the weekend. In fact, three of the four girls teams went 2-and-1. Due to the points scored differential, the East Thunderbirds were named the round-robin tournament champions. The Kodiak boys were 1-and-2.
    This upcoming weekend, the Kodiak boys will be playing in the Alaska Airlines Classic at West High School, while the defending state champion Kodiak girls will be home against the Palmer Moose. C-team play is at 4 on Friday and 3 Saturday, JV at 5:30 and 4:30, respectively, with the varsity hitting the floor at 7 p.m. Friday night and 6 p.m. Saturday evening.
    The Kodiak Bears wrestling team had three individual champions at the John Tobin Invitational at North Pole High School. Joel Valdez pinned his opponent at 120 pounds in under a minute and a half, Levi Fried outscored his 132 pound challenger from Service 5-to-2, and Nolan Wandersee won his 220-pound class with a 5-4 victory over a grappler from East. Overall, the Bears placed 7th with 88 points. South Anchorage won with 205.5 points.
    The Kodiak wrestlers will be on the road at the Dimond and Service tournaments Friday and Saturday.  
Jan 12 2015
Family of Three Safe After Neighbor Reports Fire
Monday, 12 January 2015
Kodiak Fire Department responds to a fire on Rezanof Sunday night. Jarred Griffin photo 
Jay Barrett/KMXT
    A family of three is safe after their home on 1320 East Rezanof Drive caught fire around 10 o'clock last night. Acting Kodiak Fire Chief Jim Mullican said the two adults, child and their dog were not even aware their home was ablaze when the 11 firefighters responded. The 911 call reporting the fire was made by a neighbor. There were no injuries.
    Mullican says the fire was visible on the roof and was licking the into nearby tree branches when the first firefighters arrived. He said damage was largely contained to the chimney and roof, with only minor damage inside the home. He estimates the damages at $15,000.
    Rezanof Drive was closed for several hours at 13th Avenue to allow firefighters to put out the blaze and clean up. It was reopened at about 1 a.m. 
    In a release, Mullican wanted to remind the public to check your smoke alarms and to replace the batteries twice a year. 
Jan 12 2015
Campbell Wants AAC to Return $22M to State
Monday, 12 January 2015
1.16 MB | Download MP3 | Open in popup

Jay Barrett/KMXT
    The Alaska Aerospace Corporation has issued the required response to Governor Walker's executive order that it and  other state departments and state-funded organizations cease any new spending on six very large projects due to the ongoing budget crisis.
    Walker in December ordered the time out on the projects and asked the agencies to submit a letter describing their activities and laying out a rational for why they should be allowed to continue at this time. 
    In Alaska Aerospace CEO Craig Campbell's letter, he outlines a plan to actually return millions of dollars to the state.
    “I met with Governor Walker on the 19th of December, and I don't think he was expecting that, because he wanted to talk about the RFP and where we were. And at the end of the meeting I basically told the chief of staff, I said, 'Look, we haven't signed any contract with Lockheed, we're in compliance with what you want.' They hadn't issued the AO at that time, but Jim had asked me, Jim Whitaker had asked me not to do any contracts. And I said, 'Well I'm in compliance.' I think we've got a great solution. An the end 22-million gets returned to the state and we only use 3-million and we go ahead and provide some increased capability.”
    Campbell said he's standing by for the governor's decision on the AAC spending plan. 
    “I've lived in this state a long time. I was actually on the Anchorage Assembly the last time Oil dropped to below $9 a barrel back in the 80s, so I know how difficult it is to balance a government budget when your primary source of funding, basically, is cut in half. I'm here to solve problems with Governor Walker and the Legislature. And I think we can.”
    Campbell says the clean up and rebuilding of the launch tower and assembly building that were damaged when an Army rocket exploded on liftoff in August is on schedule, and that he does not believe it is subject to the spending freeze.
    “Our plan is to have that rebuilt by October of this year, because MilTec, with the customer is preparing for the second launch, the re-launch in 2016 and we have to have the facility ready for them to be able to do that. So we're on track and it's looking good and I like the work that's being done.”
    Governor Walker has not given a timeline for when projects will be reviewed and be allowed to move forward. Others included in the order are roads to Ambler and Juneau, the Susitna Dam, small-diameter gas line and the Knik Arm Bridge. 
Jan 12 2015
Aleutians East Borough Denounces Sanctuary Proposal
Monday, 12 January 2015
Dave Bendinger/KDLG
    Thursday the Aleutians East Borough assembly unanimously passed a resolution opposing the nomination of the Aleutian Islands as a national marine sanctuary.
    The idea, proposed last month by a Non-Governmental Organization called Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, or PEER, would put more than a half million square nautical miles under federal protection as a sanctuary. That’s an area larger than the state of Alaska, and an area home to an enormous amount of commercial fishing and shipping. 
    The sanctuary would extend from 3 miles off the coastline of Bristol Bay all the way to the maritime border shared by the US and Russia, encompassing  waters 200 miles north and south of the Aleutian Chain. 
    Aleutians East Borough says the potential designation could bring some quote, “onerous” restrictions to fishing and other commerce on those waters. 
    NOAA is required to conduct a 30 day preliminary review of the PEER proposal to determine whether the Aleutians are even eligible for sanctuary status. 
Jan 09 2015
Rare KoC Course Offering Helps Students Focus Career Goals
Friday, 09 January 2015

1.45 MB | Download MP3 | Open in popup


Jay Barrett/KMXT

With a new year comes a new semester and new offerings at Kodiak College. In the Adult Basic Education department, there are three courses kicking off, GED preparation, English as a second language and, according to Adelia Myrick, one that hasn't been offered in a few years: the Career and College Awareness Course.

“Yeah, it's actually a really wonderful class. There's 10 classes; they are three-hour classes. It's sort of divided into three parts. The first part is self exploration. We've got a lot of instruments and tools for the students to look at their personal strengths and interests. And the second part is looking at different career possibilities that really match up with your own interests and abilities, and then the third part is what kind of training, education and what other steps do you need to take in order to begin with that career.”

Myrick says that last outcome is what sets it apart:

“So it's not just a find a job, get a job type of class. It's really looking at the bigger picture. Students can be looking at their own things. Though it's taught in a class setting, it's not forcing everybody in the same class to look at the same information. And the best part of the class I think is students leave with a really clear, step by step plan for what their immediate steps need to be next. So they don't just leave with just an idea that 'well, maybe I'll be great as a chef,' but they know what intermediate steps they need to take immediately in order to get started on the path.”

Myrick adds that the course isn't just for young people setting off on higher education for the first time.

“We say that it's never too late to figure out what you're doing with your life and never too late to be a student in our program. The requirements to take the class is that you may not be enrolled in high school – because we can't duplicate services – but other than that, there's no upper age limit. And students really need to be committed to coming to all 10 classes. So that's about all we require.”

There's also a new class under the English as a Second Language course offerings:

“One new thing that we're offering this semester is a workplace communication class, that is going to be on Thursday evenings from 7 to 8:30. And that will help students who are already established in a work situation, or who are looking to a different job, but English language skills are something they need to improve. So that class will be targeting those students.”

We'll have more from Myrick in a later story about how the changes in the State of Alaska's GED requirements are working out a year after they changed. 

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