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It's getting closer and closer and schedules are getting tighter and tighter so this week the folks at APRN are adding an additional episode of Talk of Alaska so we can all be a little bit more knowledgeable when it's time to fill in the dots. The Governor makes his appearance Tuesday morning and the challenger, Bill Walker, makes his appearance Wednesday morning. Both live at 10am Tuesday and Wednesday this week (and both being repeated the same evening at 9pm on HD3)
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Jul 16 2014
Former Mayor Comments on Borough 'Decorum' Ordinance
Wednesday, 16 July 2014

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    When the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly meets Thursday night, there will likely be a number of residents rising to speak out about an ordinance passed two weeks ago. Ordinance Number 2014-20, was sponsored by Assemblywomen Carol Austerman and Chris Lynch.
    Calling for decorum during public and assembly member comment, the ordinance requires the presiding officer to immediately stop the speaker if they engage in personal attacks or impugn the motives of an assembly member.
    Former Borough Mayor Jerome Selby chaired hundreds, if not thousands, of meetings over the years, and is very familiar with Roberts Rules of Order and its limitations in practice.
    “You can put anything you want to in an ordinance, but realistically in the middle of a meeting there are some folks who are simply not going to abide by the rules. And you got to understand that. So you need to use the Roberts Rules of order and whatever other tools you have available to keep folks on target. They’re supposed to be commenting on the policy – which there’s nothing about policy that has to do with individuals. But some folks can’t get that through their head and some folks think that the way they will affect policy is to attack somebody. Which of course they defeat their purpose when they do that. But they never understand that.”
    Having wielded the chair’s gavel to stop abusive or otherwise off-topic speakers on occasion, Selby said he understands what the assembly was trying to do with the decorum ordinance.

Jul 16 2014
Museum Readies for 17th Community Dig
Wednesday, 16 July 2014

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            The Alutiiq Museum is gearing up for another year of its Community Archaeology Project. The annual program began in 1997 and allows community members with little to no archaeology experience a chance to participate in real research at an actual excavation site.
             Amy Steffian is the director of research and publications at the Alutiiq Museum and helped start the project almost two decades ago with archaeologist Patrick Saltonstall. She said they have worked at a number of sites over the years and this season they will continue their focus on the Kashevaroff site – one of many the museum has excavated in Womens Bay. Steffian said community members and museum staff began excavating the site last year and believe it is a late prehistoric house – probably 300 or 400 years old.
              “Patrick found the Kashevaroff site. We had permission from the borough a couple of years ago to go out to Womens Bay and look for sites as part of our broader research project. And by digging a few holes in likely spots and using a soil probe to look for wood charcoal or disturbed sod earth, Patrick was able to find the site.”  

Jul 15 2014
Study Looks at Next Generation of Fishermen
Tuesday, 15 July 2014

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           Kodiak is known worldwide as a fishing hub and in recent years has made a name for itself in the world of academic research. This summer the two are combining as one local grad student takes a closer look at the next generation of fishermen through her work at the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.
            Graduate student Danielle Ringer was born in Homer, where her family was heavily involved in the fishing industry, and moved to Kodiak a number of years ago to work for Fish and Game. Since then she’s broadened her resume with work at the Alutiiq Museum and Kodiak Harbormaster’s Office, but decided to plunge back into her education this summer and study what she calls the “graying of the fleet.”
            “So basically the legislature has put out a call of concerns that are kind of addressing all Alaska coastal communities and one of those has been the graying of the fleet, which talks about in all Alaska commercial fisheries, that permit age, that number of the age of someone holding a commercial fishing license, that permit has been getting kind of up there. So the average age right now is 47 across the state.” 

Jul 15 2014
Sun'aq Tribe to Study Airport Impact Mitigation
Tuesday, 15 July 2014

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    As plans move forward with adding safety zones to the ends of the runways at Kodiak’s main airport, the Sun’aq Tribe has announced a study it will be leading on the effects of the extensions to the Buskin River. Federal money in the amount of $450,000 will fund the Buskin River Marine Zone Study.
    Work will begin this summer on extending two runways at Benny Benson State Airport 600 feet, including Runway 25, which ends at the mouth of the Buskin River. The Sun’aq study will seek to mitigate any lost fish habitat predicted by the project’s Environmental Impact Statement.
    Sun’aq biologist Tom Lance said the expansion project’s plan includes $2-million for purchase of high value land elsewhere in the archipelago for conservation, and a $200,000 grant to Fish and Game for its Buskin subsistence management plan.
    “That was the original mitigation they proposed. And then the Sun’aq Tribe said, wait, wait a minute. We think that’s fine to provide that kind of mitigation, but it doesn’t do us any good for us here at the Buskin River for subsistence users and Kodiak citizens who are members of the tribe. So that’s when the tribe went into government-to-government consultation with FAA.”
    As a result of that consultation, the FAA is providing the extra $450,000, channeled through the Alaska Department of Transportation, for Sun’aq’s mitigation study.
    “It’s the most important subsistence fishing area for tribal members. Granted, a lot of people fish around the island, but these resources – they’re not making any more of them, so we’ve got to protect the ones that we have.”
    Lance says the five-year plan will look at changes to the seafloor, currents and the fresh water mixing zone where the Buskin River dumps into the harbor, as well as any changes subsistence fishermen might have to make in order to stay on the fish.
    “Then somebody could take our study and say, ‘Well, based on the evidence now we need to either fixing what was lost, through some sort of habitat enhancement perhaps. Or, we may look at the information that was collected and say, ‘Gee, there’s no discernable impact.’”
    Lance said he hopes to have the grant money in hand by the end of the month, and then issue a request for proposals for contractors to assist in the five-year study. He said the Sun’aq Tribe will make the data from the Buskin River Marine Zone Study publicly available online.

Jul 14 2014
Reel History: Benny Benson and Live Mariachi
Monday, 14 July 2014

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Al Asuncion/KMXT
           Hello, I’m Al Asuncion, an intern at KMXT as part of the station's summer archiving project. This week, I listened to Sand Castle, stories for young adventurers, all read by Jean Vanderford.
            “Today, our stories are “Benny’s Flag”, written by Phyllis Krasilovsky in 1960. It is a true story by Benny Benson and the Alaska flag design, and Sophie’s Bucket, written by Catherine Stock in 1985. Sophie takes a beach bucket to the seashore; and “Eeps Creeps, It’s My Room!” written in 1984 by Martha Whitmore Hickman. Jeffrey has to clean up his room.”

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