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Sep 17 2008
Study Highlights Healthcare Needs Of Community PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 September 2008

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This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

            Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center released a 100-page study last week that will help the hospital agencies – and the community – better address health needs in Kodiak.


            The Kodiak Island Community Health Assessment contains a wealth of information on the current health of the city’s population. The assessment draws from a survey completed by nearly a thousand residents, a telephone survey, and the 2007 Youth Behavioral Risk Survey.

            It covers everything from how many residents have health care to how many teens drink alcohol. The study is really two-pronged: one aspect is the snapshot of the community and the other gives direction to Providence on its future plans. Don Rush is the administrator at PKIMC:

--          (don community            26 sec              “There’s areas in the … far as the health of our community.”)

            Pat Branson, the chair of the Kodiak Island Service Area Community Board, says the rate of teen substance use really stood out to her:

--          (pat big one                        37 sec              “One of the surprising … 77-point-5 percent.”)

            She says those high rates and the very high rate of teens contemplating suicide indicate there may be deeper issues that need to be addressed:

--          (pat underlying            31 sec              “What are the underlying … to discuss as a community.”)

            Rush said an item in the survey that surprised him was the number of people who are not having regular check ups in Kodiak.

--          (don big one                        40 sec              “33 percent of the … the community and improve the access.”)

            Melanie Nelson is the director of the Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center. She said the number of uninsured youth in the community is what stood out to her:

--            (Melanie big one            21 sec              “I think it was 19 % … so we have some work to do.”)

            Rush said the survey indicates patients would like more – and more frequent – clinic visits by specialists.

--          (don off isle             23 sec              “Really our goal is … and more services that we can.”)

            For her part, Nelson said the community assessment is spurring the counseling center to conduct a more in depth study:

--            (Melanie expanded            30 sec              “Our advisory council … months, finish that up.”)

            Copies of the Kodiak Island Community Health Assessment are available at PKIMC, and Rush said one maybe available at the Kodiak library soon.

            I’m Jay Barrett.


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