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Aug 08 2012
Kodiak College Fall Classes Filling Up Fast PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 August 2012

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This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

            The start of fall classes at Kodiak College is quickly approaching. Registration is picking up and Registrar Jennifer Myrick-Pedersen said some classes are already full. The college is offering a plethora of courses this semester including old favorites and a sprinkling of new ones.  

           "We offer everything that a student would need to fulfill general education requirements for the first two years of a general transfer degree. We have anatomy and physiology, one of our most popular classes, as people are gearing up for pre nursing or medical field related degrees. We have a host of computer information and office system courses. A new one this semester is a political science class, intro to American government. And then we are offering the Alutiiq language course, which is a general education requirement in humanities. It's the first time it will be offered and April Laktonen Counceller is teaching that one."

            Pedersen said a variety of classes are offered online, and schedules for traditional, in person learning vary between daytime and evening. Registration for classes is open until the first day, which for most courses is August 27. She said there are a few elective courses that don't run a full semester, and thus will start later in September, or even as late as October.




--          (College Starts 2        : 40                  "We do have a late block starting classes called smart start, which is a college preparatory studies program. And those courses start on September 10. They're meant to be a bridge into college level courses for people who have been away from college for a long time or who don't feel like they are prepared for college level courses and it gives a nice transition back to college. Test scores would be required to determine whether a person would be appropriately placed in the smart start program and we offer the placer test to determine placement. But the classes are reading, writing and college success.")


She said potential students interested in signing up for classes shouldn't hesitate contacting the college. Now is the time that registration kicks into full gear and classes can fill up very quickly. On the average, Pedersen said about 800 to 1,000 students are enrolled at Kodiak College each semester.

Those interested can read the full course catalog on the college's recently remade website.   


--          (College Starts 3        : 26                  "We have a brand new website, that's kind of exciting. And there are a lot of resources and some great pictures there. As well as links to what we call remote environmental learning stations. So basically there's a webcam and you can get the information about the weather and the rainfall and the temperature at that specific station. And there's one on top of pillar mountain. And you can find a link on our website at koc.alaska.edu.")


            Pedersen said the average three credit course runs a little over $100, with the price per credit being $144.




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