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Apr 02 2010
City Council Urged to Back Crew Data Project PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 April 2010

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This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

            A representative from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commercial Fisheries Office in Juneau was in Kodiak Wednesday to discuss the status of the Crew Data Collection Project with fishermen here. Without legislative direction, the department is dropping the project.

            Jan Conitz is a research analyst with the department, and has worked on the project for several years. Speaking at the Kodiak City Council meeting Wednesday night, she says on the surface, it seems like a simple task - to link crewmembers with specific fish landings.


--          (Crew 1                       45 sec              "It turns out to be quite complex ... collect this data, too.")


            She said it was her finding that the best way to collect data is to have skippers report it. A suggestion to use the existing "E-Landings" electronic reporting system has previously been floated.

            Conitz said there needs to be a requirement to compel Fish and Game to institute the program. That idea, however, got nowhere in the state legislature this year, but she's hopeful for the future:


--          (Crew 2                       18 sec              "It just can't happen with out ... next session, definitely.")


            Kodiak fisherman Shawn Dochtermann showed an example settlement sheet from another fisherman to illustrate how important it is to fishermen and the city to have crew data collected:


--          (Crew 3                       33 sec              "The crewmember is a ... now there are 16 left.")


            Fisherman Alexus Kwachka (k'watch-caw) said it is time the city of Kodiak officially endorses the crewman data project, for the good of the city and the state:


--          (Crew 4                       33 sec              "I think it's really important ... and the state as a whole.")


            City Councilman Terry Haines, also a fisherman, decried Fish and Game's discontinuing the project.


--          (Crew 5                       29 sec              "To get it so far and ... dealing with the federal government.")


            With the end of the project, Conitz is soon leaving Fish and Game for another state department.



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