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Copyright vEsti24
Jan 15 2010
"Pay as You Throw" Trash Plan Unveiled PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 January 2010


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This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

             At last night's Kodiak Island Borough Assembly work session, assembly members and a room full of residents heard a presentation by Jeff Riley of Alaska Waste, an Anchorage based waste management company. Riley came to Kodiak to present a proposal for curbside garbage collection in Kodiak.

            A few things became evident during the discussion that followed Riley's presentation: one is that people in Kodiak are giving a lot of thought to the subject and the other is. that they're divided over whether or not they think it will work.

            Riley, who is the Chief Operating Officer of A-W explained the proposed plan.


--          (Garbage 1                                      "Any of us ... gallon container.")


            The plan calls for trash collecting containers or "roll carts" to be placed at most households in Kodiak City. But around Dead Man's curve, towards Bells Flats, Pasagshak and Chiniak, garbage collection will stay as it is now. For those closer to the landfill, in the area between Spruce Cape and Monashka Bay Road, containers with special locking tops will be used to deter bears.

            Some people are very excited about the plan and what it could mean for the future of solid waste management in Kodiak. One of those is Marion Owen, a member of Kodiak's Solid Waste Advisory Board.

She said that she was on a similar board in Kodiak 25 years ago.


--       (Garbage 2                                        "And we were ... rate for garbage.")


           Others at the meeting had doubts about the plan; citing Kodiak's weather, terrain, and bears as major concerns. The ability to keep bears out of the containers seemed to be the biggest worry. Those worries were only heightened when Riley said the "bear-resistant" collection containers have not been tested by Kodiak bears. Assembly member Dave Kaplan, says that news raises strong doubts in his mind.


--          (Garbage 3                                    "I've seen bears ... a contingency.")


            Following the presentation and lengthy question and answer session, A-W's Riley said he's confidant that all of the issues that were raised can be overcome.


--          (Garbage 4                               "Wind is something ... Fish and Game.")


            Now that the assembly members have heard the presentation, they'll meet for another work session to further discuss the proposed plan.

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