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Aug 24 2009
UAF Chancellor Iffy on Kodiak's Chances for Research Vessel PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 August 2009

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This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

            The Chancellor of the University of Fairbanks visited Kodiak recently (last week), touring University facilities and speaking with members of the community. Chancellor Brian Rogers also spoke at a Kodiak Chamber of Commerce luncheon. The title of Roger's speech was "The Impact of UAF in Kodiak."

            KMXT's Diana Gish has more.


When UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers spoke to the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce he named a long list of all of the school's research and extension sites around the state. Rogers wanted to make clear that UAF stands for the University of Alaska not the University of Fairbanks.

--          (UAF 2                                                            1:11                                         "....research center.")

            Rogers also shared the ways in which the university is hoping to meet the needs of Alaska's industry.

He urged those present to help recruit students since often there is more demand for industry specific training than there are students to take the courses.

            Next, Rogers addressed the topic that many Kodiak residents are curious about: The newly approved arctic research vessel that will make its home in Alaska.

--          (UAF 3                                                :55                                                                   "...is this ship."

            Rogers acknowledged what the luncheon crowd was eager to find out: exactly where Kodiak stands in the competition to be the ship's future home port. But first he took the opportunity to focus on the purpose of the vessel itself.

--          (UAF 4                                    :47                                                       "...accepted our proposal.")

            The proposal, which was started 30 years ago, has always named Seward as the preferred home port.

--          (UAF 5                                                1:06                                                     "...out of the home.")

The Shore facilities in Seward today include a 17,000 square foot warehouse, 2,000 square foot machine shop, apartments, auditorium, and sea lab. Those facilities would need to be duplicated in Kodiak if the research vessel were to port here. If Seward fails to provide a dock for the research ship Kodiak is next in line to step up.

I'm Diana Gish.


            Also attending were Denis Wiesenburg, Dean of the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences and Pat Pitney, the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services.






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