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Apr 07 2015
Alutiiq Museum Welcomes New Gallery Manager PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 April 2015
Dana Haynes. Via the Alutiiq Museum 
Kayla Desroches/KMXT
The Alutiiq Museum team is a small, but productive one, and it just welcomed another staffer into the fold. 

Dana Haynes will be the museum's new gallery manager. Among her duties will be to oversee the store and reception desk, serve as a liaison between the museum and artists, and lead tour groups. 

Haynes grew up in Massachusetts and says, after graduating from New York University and then working at museums nearer to home, Kodiak seemed like a good fit personally and professionally.

“In a larger city, you tend to have kinda universal museums, you're attracting a huge amount of visitors, and there's not really such a connection to what the local community is,” Haynes says. “You have some museums that are drawing in all these people who aren't even shopping in the local businesses. So I think the idea of the small-town museum is something I was looking for.”

Haynes says museum positions can be competitive. She's happy to have found a job in a small community, especially one in an area she's never visited before.
Apr 07 2015
Rep. Stutes Signs On To Foods Bill PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 April 2015
rep._stutes_signs_on_to_foods_bill_robert_woolsey_kcaw.jpg HB 179 would legalize the donation of fish and game, harvested through sport or subsistence, to non-profit meal programs, such as schools and senior centers. Robert Woolsey/KCAW photo
Emily Kwong/KCAW
Last Wednesday, Sitka Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins introduced a bill that would allow Alaskans to donate sport- and subsistence-harvested fish and game to non-profit meal programs. Under House Bill 179, schools, senior centers, and other non-profits could legally serve donated fish and game, such as moose, venison, caribou, and salmon. Alaska law presently bars the sale of such foods. 

As primary sponsor of HB 179. He says it’s about writing legislation to catch up with the times. 

“Out in the bush, a lot of people in Western or Northern Alaska will donate Caribou to the senior center, so that elders can eat caribou stew. And that happens very frequently. And that’s technically not simpatico with the rule of the law,” he said. “So this bill basically brings what happens in Alaskan communities - which is people coming together and donating fish and game for children or for elders - and makes that compatible with what Alaska’s laws say.”

Kreiss-Tomkins says the bill also responds to a statewide movement within schools to eat food that’s healthier and locally sourced. As examples, he mentioned Sitka’s Fish to Schools program and community shared agriculture in the Mat-Su Valley. 

The bill had seven co-sponsors when it was read across the House floor. They included Kodiak Republican Louise Stutes, Juneau Republican Cathy Muñoz, Juneau Democrat Sam Kito, Anchorage Republican Charisse Millett, Ketchikan Independent Dan Ortiz, Nome Democrat Neal Foster, and North Pole Republican Tammie Wilson
Kreiss-Tomkins considered such early co-sponsorship as indicative of the bill’s widespread support. 

“We’ve sponsored a number of different pieces of legislation but this is one we’d like to see pass in the law quickly. And we’re on that path right now,” he said. “So I think that’s why it’s got a little more attention. It’s got hearings coming up, it’s got a huge list of co-sponsors. And it’s a kumbaya Alaska issue. Everyone gets it.”

HB 179 has hearings scheduled in the Fisheries and Resources committees.
Apr 06 2015
Pick.Click.Give. Again Reaches Record Gifts PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 April 2015
Jay Barrett/KMXT
Results are in for this year's charitable giving through the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend application process, which closed last Tuesday. The Humane Society of Kodiak  by far received the most donations. With $9,975 received through 177 gifts, the organization that operates the Kodiak Animal Shelter averaged over $50 per gift.

The Kodiak Womens Resource and Crisis Center received $4,825 through 70 gifts, the Kodiak Public Library Association $4,000 even through 68 gifts and the Kodiak Arts Council $3,450 from 58 donors.

The Kodiak Maritime Museum, Senior Citizens of Kodiak and the Kodiak Community Foundation received $2,800, $2,350, and $2,150 each, respectively.

The Koniag Education Foundation will take in $900, Kodiak Community Health Center $525, and Kodiak College $425.

Statewide, $3.3-million was pledged by 33,421 Alaskans making 53,851 gifts. Beans Cafe in Anchorage was tops in Alaska with 2,355 pledges totaling $147,050. Alaska Public Media, which operates APRN and Anchorage's public stations got $129,800, and the Food Bank of Alaska main office in Anchorage received $101,775 in pledges. 
Apr 06 2015
Members of the Fishing Industry Discuss How to Find and Educate Workers PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 April 2015


Speakers Julie Matweyou and Oliver Holm at a ComFish panel about the Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan. Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Kayla Desroches/KMXT


Groups across Alaska want to keep the fishing industry strong and steady and increase the number of people who pursue maritime careers.


1.91 MB | Download MP3 | Open in popup



Industry sectors and state agencies across the state have compiled the Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan, which outlines different approaches to bolstering the industry, including increased training and more education programs.


Julie Matweyou of the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, led a three-member panel at ComFish which talked about supporting Kodiak through workforce development. Fisherman Oliver Holm was one of the speakers and says newcomers to the fishing industry need to have a lot of different skills.


“We’ve got all these younger people that will have to replace us before very long.,” says Holm. “And to be financially successful, they need to know more right up front than we did when I started, when things were relatively simple.”


And the maritime plan will help young people gain those skills, if they can reach them.


One of the audience members, Sune Forsman, is in the processing industry. He expressed concern about the aging workforce from the perspective of an employer.


“Local workforce for us is between 60 and 65 and I don’t see a really good way of how we’re going to replace those people,” Forsman says. “I don’t personally see a lot of the younger folks coming down and wanting to slime a fish or make a shatter pack. That’s not what they’re aspiring to do. Yet those position still need to be filled at this point.”


The Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan is part of an attempt to spread awareness about opportunities to learn and do more in the fishing industry. For everyone. As Julie Matweyou points out, the document isn’t just for the young.


“I think the first step is just to let people know that there is a plan and there are different groups working in different capacities and collaboratively to bring training and support to the current industry as well as to encourage new entry,” says Matweyou.


One upcoming training opportunity is a marine electrical certification course at Kodiak College that begins in May. If you're interested, you can go to the American Boat and Yacht Council website.

Apr 04 2015
Jock of the Rock - KHS Soccer is Hot PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 April 2015

8.56 MB | Download MP3 | Open in popup



On Jock of the Rock this week, we have the coaches for both the girls and boys soccer teams at Kodiak High School and three of their players. Join hosts Derek Clarkston and Jay Barrett as they learn about the teams' hopes for their first season as state-sanctioned programs.

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