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Oct 22 2013
Lecture on Pre-Statehood Fish Traps Today PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 October 2013

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    One of the prime movers in the Alaska Statehood movement before that became a reality in 1959 was taking commercial salmon fishing decisions out of the hands of the federal government, which was largely influenced by the powerful Seattle seafood processors.
    Their use of fish traps had slaughtered so many salmon the fisheries around the state had become unreliable. Historian James Mackovjak (m’COVE-jak) calls the salmon traps “among the most efficient fish-catching devices the world has ever seen.”
    The reason you’ve likely never seen one is they were banned by the Alaska Legislature as soon as Alaska became a state.
    But their history is intriguing as is their impact on Alaska communities. And that will be the topic of a lecture by Mackovjak (m’COVE-jak) this afternoon. He will be live in the Anchorage Cooperative Extension office, but the lecture will be streamed to Kodiak College and other University of Alaska locations from noon to 2:30.
    The lecture will also be streamed live on line.

Oct 21 2013
After 11 Months, Tustumena Returns to Kodiak PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 October 2013

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The Tustumena arrives in Kodiak on Monday after 11 months in Seward Ship's Dry Dock. Brianna Gibbs/photo


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           After 11 months the M/V Tustumena is back in service. The ship was in Seward Ship’s Dry Dock since November, but as KMXT’s Brianna Gibbs reports, it’s back in action and pulled in to Kodiak early Monday afternoon.

Oct 21 2013
Buried Fuel Tank Suspected Source of Fuel Spill PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 October 2013

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White absorbent booms were placed across a small stream by Bayside Fire Dept. to prevent leaked stove oil from spreading. Jay Barrett/KMXT photo


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    An underground residential fuel tank is the suspected culprit in a fuel oil spill in Woodland Acres. Bayside Fire Chief Bob Himes said he received a report of a strong smell of diesel early Thursday morning and later tracked it to a home on Teal Way. He said the property owner, who is currently out of town, has been contacted and is having the tank checked out.
    Himes said the property owner had noticed an increase in his fuel bill, and thought someone was stealing his oil. Himes says the tank is probably 300- to 500- gallons in size, but he’s not sure how long it might have been leaking, or how much may have escaped.
    “The property owner is responsible for all the clean up and mitigation. They’ll have to remove the tank and take care of the contaminated soil and do the clean up collected in the creek and the absorbent booms. That is all being over seen by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. They’re the primary agency on this. We were just the first response, investigate, and turn it over to them.”
    Himes said Friday that the spill was not a very significant amount, and while annoying, there’s no danger of fire or explosion from the spilled fuel.
    “Especially when it’s outside like this it’s not very hazardous at all. Ingestion is the worst thing you could probably see. But there’s not enough to be real concerned about that other than for small animals. So I don’t expect it to do much damage. Be a little inconvenience and irritation to some people who smell it. Last couple days we’ve had the heavy fog that kept the smell down in lower lying areas, so more people probably smelled it.”
    Nevertheless, he suggests folks keep their kids and pets away from the ditch.
    “Just keep them away from that creek. It’s fairly noticeable in that area. Most of the neighbors know and been contacted. Keep the animals and pets and kids away from they basically don’t track it back into your house. That’d be the biggest problem right now tracking it back on your nice clean carpets.”
    Underground fuel tanks, once common, are less so today for this very reason:
    “Underground fuel tanks are problematic. The soil around here is not real condusive to storing metal tanks underground, because things like this happening. They have a hole in them or whatever and they leak and it’s not detected right away until it gets into groundwater system like this one and surfaces.”
    Himes added that he didn’t think any of the spilled fuel will trickle down to anadromous streams or into the ocean.

Oct 21 2013
Bears Continue Court and Pool Dominance PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 October 2013

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    The Kodiak High School Bears volleyball team remains unbeaten in the Northern Lights Conference after sweeping Wasilla here over the weekend. The Bears are now 8-and-0 in the NLC.
    On Friday Hannah Wandersee had nine kills to lead the Bears to 25-13, 25-19 and 25-17 wins in the middle school gym. Kodiak repeated on Saturday, winning 25-16, 25-11 and 25-17.
    The Bears, who are 13-o overall, not counting tournament games, will play in the Service-Dimond Tournament in Anchorage this week.
Swimming and Diving
    The Bears’ swimming and diving team both took first at the Palmer Valley Invite over the weekend.
    The Kodiak boys racked up 121 points, 70 more than runner-up Colony, while the girls had 77 points, 16 more than second place Palmer. Each had four individual wins.
    Blake James won the 200-yard freestyle and the 100 breaststroke, while Dyton Schauff won the 100 backstroke, and Nicholas Lincoln took the 200 individual medley.
    Schauff, James and Lincoln, along with Nathan Schauff won the 200 medley relay.
    Tahna Lindquist won the 100 freestyle and the 500 freestyle, while Ila Hughes took the 50 freestyle and the 100 freestyle.
    The two, along with Illa Macinko and Brittany Horne won the 200 freestyle relay.

Oct 21 2013
New Alaska Waste Manager Coming to Kodiak PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 October 2013

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           Come November Kodiak will have a new district manager for Alaska Waste. After three and a half years in Kodiak, current Manager Rick Vahl has decided to take a new job in Mammoth Lakes, California.
           Vahl came to Kodiak right as the borough decided to switch to the controversial roll cart method of collecting trash. Vahl said he worked with roll carts in Anchorage prior to coming to Kodiak, but quickly realized it would be a different experience implementing them in a small town.
           “It was difficult because I stepped into a situation where I thought roll carts made sense, it was the most convenient thing. In Anchorage where I was working it was more standardized allowing people to have the same size cart with attached lids. So it was a difficult challenge because it was so new to a community. And because it was a mandatory service, you had the controversial approach, you’re forcing people. So that was probably the most difficult thing. I don’t think it was more of the presentation how the contract worked out.”
           Vahl said he still thinks roll carts are a good idea for Kodiak because it sets guidelines and expectations for being responsible with garbage.

           “There are lots of ways to pick up garbage. And that’s what we’re good at as a company is picking up and transferring the garbage to a safe landfill spot. The roll carts just kind of provide the infrastructure to have a relationship with each customer and know that if someone is having a difficult challenge with it you can work one on one. And if I were to just compare it to our drop sites where we have roll offs, you don’t know who’s going there, when they’re going there, so it’s real difficult to have a connection with the community and really make sure that we don’t have the engine oil dropped off inside or the paint, or the doors are closed because bears are coming around.”

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